Rossputin's election survey

If you haven't already participated, I'd like to ask you to take my election survey. If you're not from Colorado (or you're from Colorado but not paying close attention), feel free to skip the last 3 or 4 questions. Modification from the initial post: I'll put up the results fairly late on election day so that, as inconsequential as the blog's influence might be, I don't influence any potential voters simply by showing these poll results. It will be interesting to see whether my readers and friends are more accurate or more naively optimistic than other polls. Thanks for your participation. Click Here to take survey Also, please e-mail the link to this article or to the survey to anyone you think would participate! You can send them this link:
  • Alexandra Spencer
    Comment from: Alexandra Spencer
    10/28/08 @ 07:06:26 am

    Obama will likely win, but always cloudy the future is. Yes. :)

  • Capitalist Pig
    Comment from: Capitalist Pig
    10/28/08 @ 06:42:37 pm

    I'm just average naively optimistic. What if I end up being accurate?