Salena Zito: 2012 elections starting in 2011 in Wisconsin

Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Gazette, one of my favorite political opinion writers, has penned an important piece about Wisconsin.  Republicans, supporters of liberty, and others who want to curtail the destructive influence of public sector unions should read Zito's article and find a way to contribute to helping the good guys -- which is to say the Republicans in this case -- win re-election.

Zito noted that the Republican State Leadership Committee seems to be the only major group from outside Wisconsin trying to help Wisconsin Republicans battle the big money coming into the state from unions and pro-union groups around the country.  You can read a little about RSLC's efforts and make a contribution (I did!) here:

As Zito says, "...Republicans could face massive losses nationally if they don't win those Wisconsin recalls.  Just because the Democrats returned from Illinois doesn't mean the left surrendered."

Please see her article here:

GOP Can't Ignore Wisconsin Recall Battle

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