Saudi court upholds beheading and crucifixion of child rapist

H/T to Christopher for the link below...

I'm tempted to say that the Arabs have shown the can get something right...but I wonder if I'm wrong.

What do you think?

See "Saudi court upholds child rapist crucifixion ruling" and let me know.

  • gstaff
    Comment from: gstaff
    11/05/09 @ 06:35:46 am

    It is difficult to imagine a punishment that is too severe for child rapists. However, having lived in KSA for four years in the 90's, and having personally spoken with Saudis about how their justice system works, I would have to believe that there is a good chance that innocent people are very often incarcerated or executed. Their rules for evidence and testimony vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and verdicts and punishment are usually meted out by a local mullah or elder. There is no such thing as a trial in the Western sense of the word. I was invited to witness beheadings, although I never went. Westerners are supposedly pushed to the front so they can see up close what 'real' justice looks like. Usually beheading is reserved for poor Saudis or third-country nationals for rape, murder, and drug trafficking. (I do not believe a Westerner has ever been beheaded.) The chances of a rich, well-connected Saudi ever seeing any kind of punishment are next to nil no matter what he does. It is not an "equal justice for all" system. Third-world women (Phillippinas, Africans, Bangladeshis, etc.) who are brought to the Kingdom to work as maids and nannies are especially vulnerable to the system, which is completely male-dominated. Often these women are abused and raped by their sponsor, and then if they complain (or get pregnant), they are accused of prostitution and jailed indefinitely – with the child. (The child is 'proof' of illicit sexual activity, and it is always the woman's fault.) There is in fact a group of Western women that holds benefits to raise money to get these women out of jail. I attended a few of these benefits and the stories are truly heart-rending. Even if these women commit no crime, it is often difficult to ever leave, as women cannot travel alone in the Kingdom (much less drive), and a non-native would get nowhere without her sponsor's permission. (They are paid a pittance.) You do not just get a taxi to the airport and leave, as passports are kept by the sponsors. (Even true for Westerners). So… in the case cited in this specific article, it sounds pretty cut and dried. If he in fact did it, I have no problem with the punishment. Dead is dead and good riddance. However, to approve of the execution, one has to have confidence in the manner and evidence of conviction. That, I do not have. Greg