So much for the post-racial presidency

Most of you will remember the notorious (if not as widely known as it should be) decision by the Dept. of Justice to drop charges against members of the Black Panthers who were intimidating voters at polling places in November.  That decision, by one Loretta King, is now followed by another decision of hers to overturn a free and fair vote by a North Carolina town in which the town decided to have non-partisan elections.

Mrs. King's argument is that having non-partisan elections will hurt black people because if they don't have a Democrat to vote for, they won't know who to vote for.

King's decision is remarkable for its racist condescension against the black residents of Kinston, NC, whom she apparently believes to be too stupid to figure out which candidate they like better.

Putting aside the issue that the town is small enough for most voters to actually know the candidates, but where is the justice or virtue in suggesting that people should be encouraged to vote simply based on party rather than taking whatever energy is required to learn about the issues and the candidates?

The Obama Administration is anything but the post-racial presidency we were promised.  It is a haven for using race as a hammer to try to get Democrats elected.  And it fits in perfectly with their strategy of manipulating every possible aspect of our society, not least the media, for that same end.

Make no mistake: Loretta King and the president she works for are dangerous power-crazed ideological zealots who care not a whit for the law, your freedom, or anything other than enhancing their own dystopian vision of America.  Americans, especially "independents" and "moderates" who voted for Obama are recognizing that elections have consequences.  All that's left to wonder is how much of what we currently recognize as America will remain when these people are done.

The good news is that I believe Americans are waking up to all this, to senior Obama advisers who call Republicans "a**holes" and who extoll Mao Tse Tung, the worst mass murderer in history.  I believe Republicans have a real chance of taking back the majority in the House of Representives in 2010, something which would have seemed unthinkable just 6 months ago.  I just hope it's not too late.

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