So, which college is it?

For those of you who read my article about the protests at Columbia University and noted that "I am proud to say that while I do give money to a college, it is not to Columbia", you may have wondered which school I do give to. The answer is Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. For those of you who are interested, here's their link:

Here are some of the things I like about Hillsdale:

  • Hillsdale does not accept any government money, nor students who are paying for school with government loans. This keeps them from having to comply with idiotic and restrictive federal regulations such as the effect of Title IX on school athletics, and allows them to admit whom they please purely on the basis of merit. "One of only 119 American colleges awarding four-year liberal arts degrees in 1850, Hillsdale was the first American college to prohibit in its charter all discrimination based on race, religion, or sex." (This is from the college history web page, which you can read HERE.)
  • Hillsdale focuses on a traditional, classical, liberal arts education. (None of this "Hispanic Eskimo Lesbian Comparative Literature" junk which has become all too common in "liberal" schools which have taken it upon themselves to attack all that was truly liberal in Western history.)
  • Their students must take a course on the Constitution. They learn about the principles that made America great, and (unlike Columbia) to appreciate those principles. From their web site: "A liberal education at Hillsdale College entails the study of things inherently worthwhile—things good, true, and beautiful. As stated in the College Honor Code, this study “develops the minds and improves the hearts” of students, through which they rise to the challenge of self-government in a free republic. Students refine their intelligence, furnish their understanding, and acquire the abilities and wisdom necessary to lead full, humane lives." 

You can read Hillsdale's Mission Statement HERE.

Hillsdale's Founder's Campaign, which I have contributed to, has raised a tremendous amount of money which the school will use to make sure that qualified students can attend without Federal money if they need the financial help. And, just as importantly, the money will be used when necessary to take on the Federal government or any other group which tries to attack the College's fiercely-guarded independence.

It is a battle they are fighting for all of us and I urge you to support them.

As Ronald Reagan said, "Hillsdale deserves the appreciation of all who labor for freedom."

Also, Hillsdale puts out a truly excellent monthly letter called Imprimis, which you can subscribe to for free, and I strongly recommend you do so. You can sign up at:

  • Anonymous
    Comment from: Anonymous
    11/16/06 @ 03:08:06 pm

    You may not know anybody who ever attended Hillsdale College, but I was once on the faculty there. Unfortunately, HC has been described as a think tank with a meal plan, which I've not heard anyone on the faculty or the administration dispute. Teaching students to think is the purpose of any academic institution; HC's purpose is to churn out conservative ideologues.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    11/16/06 @ 03:31:26 pm

    Anonymous: As always, I appreciate even dissenting comments, though I must say I wish a comment like this had not been posted anonymously. It makes me question your veracity.

  • Daniel Williams
    Comment from: Daniel Williams
    11/03/07 @ 10:31:11 pm

    I must say, our anonymous "former Hillsdale faculty" poster either is no such thing or is embittered over something. I am a senior at Hillsdale College, and I have found it to be a rigorous, challenging, and thorough education. It is in no way "a think tank with a meal plan." The last three and a half years I have been instructed HOW to think, not WHAT to think. I have been exposed to Nietzsche and Weaver, to Mather and Emerson, to Marx and Reagan. Hillsdale grads who have gone on to such esteemed institutions as Harvard, Cornell, Notre Dame, and Oxford have expressed the value of a Hillsdale education. Incidentally, I have become LESS conservative in my time at Hillsdale; these years have opened my mind.

  • Moultrie
    Comment from: Moultrie
    08/08/08 @ 01:51:14 pm

    Rossputin, I just found your site via Human events and agree with you that Hillsdale College is the best education in the country. I wish I had known about Hillsdale before I found myself @ Vanderbilt many years ago.