Spiking the bin Laden Football

In May 2011, when asked by CBS News about why he would not release photos of the killing of Osama bin Laden, President Obama said, "We don't need to spike the football."

How much things have changed in a year.

As we've approached this week's third anniversary of that happy moment when the mass murderer was lobotomized by a Navy SEAL's bullet, bin Laden-related chest thumping has become the administration's campaign tactic-of-the-week.

At the White House Correspondents' Association dinner on Saturday night, Barack Obama touted that "last year at this time -- in fact, on this very weekend -- we finally delivered justice to one of the world's most notorious individuals."

Even Hillary Clinton has been waxing nostalgic about the bin Laden raid, evoking images of sleep-deprived heroes (such as herself) being revived by crowds cheering outside the White House gates following news of the terrorist's death.

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