State Rep Jeanne Labuda lies about co-sponsoring increase in car taxes

I got an interesting press release from the campaign of Danny Stroud who is running for Colorado State House District 1, trying to defeat incumbent Democrat Jeanne Labuda.

Here's the short version of the story:

As you can see in the video below (or link HERE), Labuda recently denied having been a co-sponsor of SB 09-108, also called "FASTER" (as in take the citizens' money faster), the bill which raised vehicle registration taxes and late fees.

However, looking at the top of the actual bill as published by the state legislature's web page, Labuda's name is indeed listed among the co-sponsors.

See bill here:

My own research shows that Labuda was also against lowering the exorbitant late fees which FASTER put on campers and trailers, many of which are rarely used by their owners who then sometimes forget to register them on time.  Her argument was an amusingly blatant explanation that your money actually belongs to the government, not to you:

“Anytime I see a bill like this where people are pleading, ‘Please exempt me from the late fee because I don’t know whether I’m a little guy or whether I don’t use my trailer or whatever very much,’ this takes away from the funding to repair those pot holes that the driver’s probably going to drive over and then break an axle in his car that we couldn’t pay for because we exempted his vehicle,” said Labuda.

“Pay the $100 fee one time and you’ll remember next time,” she concluded.

It's a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose argument from Labuda who in the above video said she supported the higher car taxes because they are user fees, meaning people are paying the costs of the damage that their own driving does to the road.  (For the record, I'm generally for user fees and they make a lot of sense in transportation, but FASTER went too far and, not surprisingly, too fast.)  But, in opposition to reducing late fees, she says that people who don't register campers and trailers that they don't actually drive anywhere should have to pay the big fees because without the state taking that money from him, the camper owner might drive over a pothole that someone else made.  Unbelievable.

Can you say "dictator"?  Does anyone in Colorado really want someone like that representing them in the state legislature?  Yeech.  I've never seen or heard of Jeanne Labuda before today.  But just 5 minutes of video and research prove to me that she is everything that makes people rightly disgusted with politicians, and especially with Nanny State hand-in-your-wallet Democrats.  There's no subtle way to say it: Labuda makes me sick.

Stroud is jumping on this, as well he should, with this from his press release:


“I guess it's easier for Jeanne Labuda to deny co-sponsoring the Car Tax Bill," said Republican
opponent and small businessman Danny Stroud, "than take responsibility for the harsh reality that bill has created. SB 09-108 raised taxes on Colorado's hardest working families, many of whom were least able to afford it, because doing so was easier than finding money elsewhere in the state budget. In the end, she also supported taking the money collected from this tax and putting it back into the general fund rather than using it for highway repair as it was intended. Labuda has a long record of spending money and raising taxes, and that record is finally catching up with her. She cannot deny it anymore.”


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