Stop CO Dems from Stealing Elections

What if one day you learned that your taxes had been raised in an election you didn’t hear about, which was conducted by a private company, without any Secretary of State oversight, without any clear rules, without signature verification being required on the ballots, with people being allowed to vote who have never lived in your neighborhood, and with penalties having been removed for certain kinds of election fraud, like adding names to the voter registration list after the deadline?

What if you learned that your school board had been tossed out and replaced by union-controlled puppets the same way?

What if you learned that your county passed a fracking ban the same way even though you’re pretty sure an honest election would have had a different outcome, especially in those counties which get a lot of tax revenue and job creation from oil and gas?

Well, if Democrats in the Colorado State legislature get their way, this will soon be possible in all local elections in our state.

There’s a bill known as House Bill 1164, which was rushed through the State House in a great hurry to avoid the public seeing what Democrats are trying to do, and which is now being rushed through the state Senate. It allows everything I just described.

Think about this: Who would put a provision in a bill to decriminalize certain kinds of election fraud unless they knew that their side was going to commit such election fraud?

Who would put a provision in a bill to allow someone to vote in an election for an area in which they had never lived until the day of the election unless their plan was to create a bunch of temporary “residents” to try to throw an election?

Who would want the law to stop signature verification of mail ballots unless they intended to create fictitious signatures in elections?

HB 1164 is something which – and I’m not exaggerating here – I’d expect to see in a place like Putin’s Russia, or at least Chicago or Detroit or New Orleans – places which are totally completely and utterly corrupt.

It is designed to corrupt our local elections, and particularly to make it easier for groups who want to raise your taxes to do so. Again, as much as the taxes, I worry about the school boards. As someone with two kids in public schools, and although the school board which governs my area is already not great, I’d be scared to death of this. If I lived in Jefferson County or Douglas County, I’d be scared for my children’s futures. If I were in the oil and gas business, or if I had a job in one of the counties in Colorado which has a substantial oil and gas industry presence, I’d be worried for my livelihood.

If you want to know more about this horrible bill, I encourage you to check out

Most importantly, it’s absolutely critical if you have a Democratic State Senator that you contact him or her and demand that he or she oppose HB 1164. You would be surprised how few citizens actually contact their elected representatives. Even a handful can make a difference.

But this is going to be a tough one because the Democrats see this bill as their way to turn Colorado into some sort of leftist, radical environmentalist utopia…much the same way that Democrats in Washington will use any and every trick and scheme they can think of to pass their destructive laws no matter with the people of the nation want.

The Colorado Union of Taxpayers has written this open letter about HB1164.

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