For anybody in or near Denver, I'd like to consider doing business with the first sponsor of the Ross Kaminsky Show on 850 KOA in its new Saturday morning time-slot. Metro Screenworks.

Metro Screenworks repairs and makes new window screens, door screens, and sliding screen doors in a big range of screening and framing materials, including pet screen which stands up to the wear and tear of my dog...the reason I found and went to Metro Screenworks myself well before they got involved in advertising on my show. In fact, it was when I was at the showroom as a customer that I first asked Randy, the owner, about possibly advertising with me.

They made new custom-size sliding screen doors for me in great materials, in a short time, and at a low price. That's what they do for everyone...not just me.

Actually, they did one thing new for me, which they're now offering to everyone: I had a sliding screen door made with a pet door built into it, with the pet door made from their sturdiest stainless steel material. Cost a few bucks more but wow was it worth it. It's standing up to my puppy in a way no other screen door ever did.

So if your window or door or sliding screens are torn or missing or the wrong size, please do me a favor and contact Metro Screenworks and let them earn your business. They earned mine...and I'm a very picky shopper.

You can call them at 303.531.2610 or visit their web site at

Their factory and showroom are at 2795 S. Broadway just south of Yale. It's technically Englewood but basically the south side of Denver, and not far from I-25 or Santa Fe.

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