Taliban complains of media bias

THIS would be laugh-out-loud funny if it weren't likely to lead to bloodshed and death.

In the meantime, can you imagine the difference in the behavior of American "mainstream" media if the American right were in fact as mean and nasty and violent as they always say we are? And I don't mean that conservatives are non-violent compared to the Taliban, which goes without saying.  We're also non-violent when compared to American liberals, whether you're talking about Bill Ayers or SEIU thugs.

And then there are these people...

No wonder Candy Crowley isn't afraid of trying to throw the match for Obama...

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    10/17/12 @ 11:43:38 am

    I also hear they are complaining about not getting their absentee ballots (the democrat military vote) No ID required.

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