Tancredo (re-)endorses Scott Gessler for CO Secretary of State

The Tancredo for Governor campaign put out the following press release on Monday morning:

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Conservative independent gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today announced his support for Republican candidate Scott Gessler for Secretary of State.

“Like me, Scott has the courage to challenge the establishment,” said Tancredo. "I’ve known Scott for years, and he fights for conservative values, regardless of party label."

Tom Tancredo endorsed Gessler several months ago, but he reaffirmed his support today.

"The Secretary of State is a critical race, and we need to stop the ideological politics that threaten the integrity of our elections,” added Tancredo. “The Republican challenger, Scott Gessler, is devoted to making sure we have fair elections.”

Although, as the press release notes, Tancredo had endorsed Scott Gessler in the past, it's particularly interesting to see Tancredo's reemphasis on his endorsement because of the presence of an American Constitution Party ("ACP") candidate, Amanda Campbell, in the race.

Campbell has clearly been benefiting from being on the same party ticket as Tancredo, as shown in the results of the most recent 9News/Denver Post poll on various state-wide races: "The candidates seeking to become the next Secretary of State are very close according to the poll with challenger Scott Gessler (R-Colorado) receiving 37 percent and incumbent Bernie Buescher (D-Colorado) earning 33 percent. The Constitution Party candidate Amanda Campbell has 11 percent support and 18 percent haven't focused on the race yet."  (My assumption is that under normal circumstances, an ACP candidate for this race would never get close to a double-digit percentage of the vote.)

Assuming that a voter who would suppport an ACP candidate is much more likely to vote for a Republican than a Democrat, Tancredo's restatement of his support must be very welcome news for Gessler.

One has to wonder what ACP officials think of their most famous candidate endorsing a Republican?  The short answer is "who cares?"

A more important lesson for those who still say they're supporting Dan Maes because Tancredo is destructive to the Republican Party is that Tancredo is both more likely and more able to help Republican candidates than Dan Maes could ever be. He's proving it already, unlike Dan Maes who, when asked to support Colorado's Health Choice Amendment (Amendment 63), said "I won't support it until Jon Caldara endorses me." (Or words to that effect, and did so at least twice according to friends who heard him say it.)  Is that the kind of guy anybody (other than a Democrat) should be professing support for?



  • joe harrington
    Comment from: joe harrington
    10/25/10 @ 10:50:45 pm

    Ross - Your gratuitous attack on Maes is a bit over the top here. Maes made a very clear statement in the debate last Friday night in the last minute of the first segment (Yes without equivation on 63) and in the first minute of the third segment of the debate(at KDVR.COM), made an eloquent constitutional argument against the health care law. I know the Tancredoans want to do this (win) by bashing Maes but to repeat an unsubstantiated rumor like that when he is on record in the other direction is in my view unseemly.

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    10/26/10 @ 07:26:25 am

    Joe, Apparently Maes changed his mind, but I spoke to someone who was present when Maes said what I reported. Anyway, this isn't about Maes anymore except to the extent that the few people left considering voting for him have a lot to think about... RGK

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