The ad Romney should run

Scene: Mitt Romney and family standing in front of a very nice, large, expensive house with American flag waving in the breeze.

I'm Mitt Romney and I'm a successful businessman. In fact, while my Republican opponents and the left's class warfare machine want to hold it against me that I've earned more money than any of the other candidates, it's something I can't and won't apologize for.

Those who focus on my tax returns, trying to figure out how to turn my business success into political failure, completely miss the point.

Speaker Gingrich's earnings, much of which like our current president's earnings comes from book sales, are largely the result of self-promotion. And while there's nothing wrong with that, the handful of people he employs hardly speaks to a broader understanding of the real-world economy. Furthermore, Mr. Gingrich's past earnings have, also like our current president, included more than a million dollars eventually taken from taxpayers.

Cut to scene: A street of homes with foreclosure signs in front of them

To be fair, Mr. Gingrich apparently did not recognize the national disaster his "client" was about to inflict on homeowners across the nation, (Cut to image: Newt Gingrich reading something that looks like a history book) but then a "historian" should have known the inevitable outcome of government trying to buy homeowners' votes without regard to economic consequences.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • Graham MacCall
    Comment from: Graham MacCall
    01/25/12 @ 08:12:03 am

    Awesome article. It's seems Romney is somewhat embarrassed by his wealth and management experience, when he should be touting his experience as a management and turnaround expert. Although I'm not a big fan of his, I think he is the best we can get at this point in the race. If he would come out and say that "Romneycare" was a well-intentioned mistake, I could be much more supportive of him. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to vote for him as the lesser of two evils. It's frustrating that the Republicans have such a weak and failed leader like Obama to run against, and Romney and Gingrich are the best we can do. To borrow a phrase, "Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity."

  • Lee Schafer
    Comment from: Lee Schafer
    01/25/12 @ 11:28:50 am

    I guess you must be a Newt supporter because this ad run by Romney will shoot Gingrich higer in the polls. since you are not a real conservative voter, you like most of the GOP establishment has no understanding of why Newt appeals so much to voters over Romney. Clear and simple Newt understyands who the real enemies are; the main stream media, the court system, the Obama machine, and the crony capitalist system that pervades our congress on both sides of the isle. Those of us that only have a vote in power politics want a true and demonstrated fighter like Newt. Romeny has failed to demonstate that he is willing to get into the mud with the Obama regime, no way he can win in November running another respectful campaign a la John McCain. to whip a pig you have to wallow in the mud. And Newt has demonstrated he will do that. If Romeny wants this nomination he must run an ad like this. Educate the public on what 'crony capitalism is, most voters think has something to do with Wall Street insiders, not abuses by the elcted officials in Washington. romney must take on the media in the same manner as Newt. When Newt gets stupid questions that have nothing to do with the campaign he puts them in their place, while Romney symbolically stands there with hat in hand and complys with the medias put downs. then he thanks them!!!!. Romney must talk about the courts, the real power source of the liberal and leftist agenda in America. Frankly, I thinK Romney see nothing wrong with the current abuses by our judicial system. All Romey is doing in this make believe ad you conjured up is proving to the conservative voters, Romney is not interested in fighting Obama but is only interested in beating Gingrich. I see another John McCain running against Obama in 2012. Take from a real voter, a guy that talks with real people amongst many different political beliefs. Romney can not beat Obama. Our enemies are the media, the courts, the crony capitalist on both sides of the isle, and the Obama regime.

  • Cindy
    Comment from: Cindy
    01/26/12 @ 01:06:43 am

    Brilliant, simply brilliant!

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