The Biggest Reasons

Post-election Republican introspection has begun with authors including our own Jed Babbin offering explanations why Mitt Romney lost. (One wonders whether Jed, who penned six reasons, feels outdone by Keith Koffler's note, "Seven Reasons Why Romney Lost.")

Both Babbin and Koffler left out a rather obvious explanation: Democrats used Republicans' own words to make the GOP look like the very intolerant, bigoted bunch of old white guys which the left had been claiming Republicans to be for years. In short, the ignorant Todd Akin and the boneheaded Richard Mourdock, forgetting the lessons of Colorado Senate Candidate Ken Buck in 2010, allowed the transformation of a vague Democratic caricature of Republicans into a high-resolution image broadcast across the minds of the nation's voters.

Putting this together with Mitt Romney's desire for Hispanic "self-deportation" and increasingly out-of-touch anti-gay (or at least perceived as anti-gay) rhetoric, and you have all the ingredients necessary for those not descended from Mayflower passengers, and for young people, to abandon the GOP in droves.

Regarding immigration, and the non-lily-white more broadly, if one were to point to a single statistic that shows the degree of Republican disconnect with people who don't look like Mitt Romney, it is this: Exit polls show Asians supporting President Obama over Romney by a nearly 3-to-1 margin. Asian-Americans, as Bloomberg News notes, "happen to be the highest-earning group in the U.S., out-earning whites, and they generally place enormous emphasis on family." This made-to-order-for-Republicans voting block went for Obama by a higher percentage than Hispanics did.

A more significant canary in the political coalmine you will rarely find.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

  • freak
    Comment from: freak
    11/16/12 @ 04:34:57 pm

    Republicans will never win again until they stop stooping to elections based on "are you better off," or "who can help you more," or "will jobs be created." To win, they must frame elections on American values, first and foremost "freedom," followed by "e pluribus unum (bottom up government)." Margaret Thatcher understood this a long time ago. Liberals (in the traditional, John Locke conception of this word) must win on values, not on outcomes. She and Reagan made this point abundantly. Elections must be about values and the first value is freedom -- the economy will follow.

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    11/17/12 @ 09:58:58 am

    Alot of people told me "he needs more time to finish the job". In 4 years it will be the fault of republicans in congress, even though they will have caved in to tax hikes. I believe the democrats will run the mayor of LA in 2016, another historic candidacy. We could run Rubio and Martiniez but wouldn't make any difference as far as them being historic because conservative minorities are not real minorities. It would help if republicans would not agree to debates moderated by democrat moderators and appear on talk radio. The one time Romney appeared on Laura Ingraham's show, he was asked "what is your strategy if the economy appears to turn around, what do you do then". He answered, "do you have a better strategy?" and then refused to go back on her show. My bottom line question is how do you win against people who boldly lie and repeat the lies often enough and it's taken as main stream truth?

  • katesanchez
    Comment from: katesanchez
    11/17/12 @ 07:51:52 pm

    good info

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