Rick V, commenting on my article for the American Spectator today, offered this excellent bit of political poetic levity.

In case some of you don't remember the original tune:


And now Rick's excellent work:

I’m sorry that I tweeted you my wiener –
That is something you don’t want to see –
Now ever since I tweeted you my wiener –
Everybody wants a piece of me.

I always thought I had the nicest wiener –
A point on which the whole world would agree –
Now I’m having second thoughts about my wiener –
It now seems to be a liability.

I was a congressman to be afraid of –
Republicans would tremble as I passed –
The halls of Congress now are filled with laughter –
My flag is only flying at half-mast.

So I offer this advice to my successor –
It now seems as plain as day to me –
If you want to show the voters what you’re made of –
You shouldn’t do it in your BVD’s.


# Madpinto [Member]   on 06/12/11 at 12:55
Are you surprised Weiner has not resigned yet?
# Rossputin [Member]   on 06/12/11 at 13:05
Only slightly surprised. I think I said it was only 60/40 that he'd resign. Two main reasons: There are much lower standards for Democrats. And, like Tim Geithner, the next guy who should be resigning, Weiner has never had a private sector job. If he has to try to get a job in the real world, he'll be in a lot of trouble (other than perhaps as a lobbyist.)
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