The Congressman Oscar Mayer Weiner Song

Rick V, commenting on my article for the American Spectator today, offered this excellent bit of political poetic levity.

In case some of you don't remember the original tune:


And now Rick's excellent work:

I’m sorry that I tweeted you my wiener –
That is something you don’t want to see –
Now ever since I tweeted you my wiener –
Everybody wants a piece of me.

I always thought I had the nicest wiener –
A point on which the whole world would agree –
Now I’m having second thoughts about my wiener –
It now seems to be a liability.

I was a congressman to be afraid of –
Republicans would tremble as I passed –
The halls of Congress now are filled with laughter –
My flag is only flying at half-mast.

So I offer this advice to my successor –
It now seems as plain as day to me –
If you want to show the voters what you’re made of –
You shouldn’t do it in your BVD’s.

  • Madpinto
    Comment from: Madpinto
    06/12/11 @ 12:55:15 pm

    Are you surprised Weiner has not resigned yet?

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    06/12/11 @ 01:05:48 pm

    Only slightly surprised. I think I said it was only 60/40 that he'd resign. Two main reasons: There are much lower standards for Democrats. And, like Tim Geithner, the next guy who should be resigning, Weiner has never had a private sector job. If he has to try to get a job in the real world, he'll be in a lot of trouble (other than perhaps as a lobbyist.)

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