The (Liberal) Silencers

Most Americans, and certainly most liberals, are uncomfortable with silencers on pistols.  After all, it stands to reason (even if not always the case) that someone who has acquired the ability to use violence with a low risk of detection is more likely to be violent; silencing a weapon might indicate that someone is already planning such an act.

But when organizations which do violence, in both literal and figurative senses of the word, to far more people than criminals ever could, aim to do their dirty work in silence, those same liberals have no objection.

The most important institutional pillars of a free country include the government (not just the elected politicians, but also the bureaucracies which they spawn), the schools which mold our future leaders, scientific organizations (especially those which impact public policy), and the media which informs the citizenry.

In each of these areas, the detection of misdeeds, of a breach of faith, of inappropriate bias, should be open to exposure. Whether from a “customer,” an employee, a journalist, or even just a concerned citizen, the ability to discover what powerful societal forces are doing and to disclose that information is the political and academic equivalent of the retort of a gunshot. It alerts all around that something has happened. Just as most weapons (outside of war) are fired at targets or while hunting, the sound of a gun is not necessarily an indication that something bad has happened. But when it comes at an unexpected time and place, that sound is the best indication that some investigation, and perhaps some caution, is in order.

Instead, liberals in so many critical areas for civil society are walking around installing silencers (the more correct technical term and equally appropriate for this discussion being “suppressors”) on their colleagues and critics alike. No good can come of this; but then no good is intended of it.

Please read the entirety of my article for The Federalist here:

  • mrscotd
    Comment from: mrscotd
    04/02/14 @ 08:44:31 am

    This is a test comment-as requested. I've personally experienced the liberal silencers in conversation around a camp fire (and other places). None of us know all the details of every issue but they refuse to discuss issues on even a 'common-sense' level with anyone they recognise as having a brain in their head...

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