The Obamacare Thought Police

H/T James Taranto

In the Federal Register update which includes President Obama's most recent unlawful modification of the Affordable Care Act (called Obamacare by liberals only when it is polling above 40% favorable with the public), two main conditions need to be met for employers of between 50 and 99 workers to qualify for another year-long delay in the law's mandate that they provide health insurance to their employees or face fines.

In addition to having to keep substantially the same insurance coverage for their employees, an employer will not receive relief from the law if she has fired workers in order to get the company's employee count down below 100 for the purpose of qualifying for the current waiver. If a company had more than 100 workers but then reduces headcount down to 99 or fewer, they may have to prove that the "reduction in workforce size or overall hours of service (was) for bona fide business reasons" and not done "to satisfy the workforce size condition" of the illegal waiver.

I guess the administration is just tired of stories like this.

Does anyone want to bet whether the IRS agent who has to determine what was in the mind of an employer who fired people and therefore qualifies for the waiver will check the employer's political affiliations before putting on his Thought Police uniform and making his ruling?

Big Brother's got nothing on Barack Obama.

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