The other Deficit Commission and the Fed's dual mandate

It's one of those unusual days when I have articles up at both Human Events and the American Spectator web sites.

I hope you'll give them both a read.

At Human Events, I have an article about how the Fed's "dual mandate", namely the inclusion in its mission statement of a focus on maximum employment along with trying to tame inflation, causes policies which are confused and confusing.  That's why it's such good news to see a move on Capitol Hill to make the Fed's mandate solely about price stability.  Please read the article at:

And over at the American Spectator, I have an article about the proposal of the other deficit commission, chaired by Alice Rivlin and Pete Domenici.  It shows exactly the way the left wants to go in this country and it must be rejected out of hand.  I hope my article is instructive and interesting:

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