The Real March Madness


The clever folks over at the Independent Women's Voice have an alternative for your NCAA bracket.  It's the "Real March Madness" bracket where you choose from 64 horrible aspects of Obamacare, which passed two years ago, and narrow them down, bracket-style, to the single thing you find to be the worst aspect of the law.

Make your picks here:


Here's the note from the group which accompanied an e-mail which my mother forwarded to me, which is how I learned of this:

March Madness.

For sports fans, the mere mention of those words means that the NCAA College Basketball Tournament is finally upon us. 64 teams will enter the dance, but only one can survive to be crowned champion and enjoy their “One Shining Moment” of victory.

Certainly the frenetic basketball competition is worthy of the description “madness.” But there’s a more-than-worthy challenger for that title — March is also ObamaCare’s anniversary month.

Last March we introduced a new bracket game to complement the traditional NCAA office-pool competition — The Real March Madness. We selected 64 of the worst, most odious elements of ObamaCare, and then we ranked them, pitting them against each other in an elimination tournament.

Last year, the individual mandate emerged “victorious” as the worst element of ObamaCare as determined by you.

Now, the Real March Madness is back. And we want you to help determine what’s the worst part about ObamaCare as it hits year 2.

You can click here to sign up for this year's Real March Madness bracket game.

Will the individual mandate continue to reign supreme? Or will a new challenger — like the HHS anti-conscience mandate — emerge to take the crown?

Ultimately, it’s up to you, as your votes will determine the worst and most harmful part of this government take-over of our health care decisions.

Go to today. Fill out your bracket and make your picks. Share it with friends and ask them to join in the game.

As ObamaCare turns two, help us determine just what is the worst of the worst of ObamaCare’s unconstitutional and appalling components.


Carrie Lukas
VP for Policy & Economics
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