The Ross Kaminsky Show, April 29, 2012

On Friday, the public got its first glimpse of the video of police interrigation of former Arapahoe County (Coloraro) Sheriff Pat Sullivan was just released after serving 17 days of a 30 day jail sentence for trading meth for sex. (The man who sold Sullivan the meth got three years.)

The video shows Sullivan all but admitting serious crimes he was never charged with.

On the Ross Kaminsky show today, starting at 11 AM (Mountain Time), we'll be speaking with Jonathan Elinoff, the private investigator who broke the story wide open...and who believes that Sullivan should have faced much more serious charges, and should have been investigated more thoroughly for the death of Sean Moss, a 27-year old gay porn actor whom Sullivan reportedly smoked meth with more than once.

It's Elinoff's first interview on KOA.

At 11:35, we'll be joined by former prosecutor Craig Silverman to discuss why Sullivan wasn't charged with more, and how a man like this could serve only 17 days in jail. To me, that is the fact that seems like a true crime.

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