The Ross Kaminsky Show, Feb 19 lineup

On this Sunday's edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show, we have quite a range of topics in store.

Big news of the last 24 hours is coming from Arizona where Pinal County Sheriff (and Romney supporter) Paul Babeu has admitted being gay but denied charges that he threatened an ex-lover (and campaign volunteer) with deportation. We'll have sound from Babeu's press conference and discuss the politics of the issue: Are you surprised when you learn of gay conservative Republicans? Will this, or should this, hurt Babeu's current campaign for Congress? Would it change your view?

In the  11 AM hour, we'll talk with Jim Antle, associate editor of the American Spectator, about this breaking news, as well as about his recent article regarding the Department of Justice's "Fast and Furious" scandal, and the latest developments in this saga of misjudgment and incompetence.

In the noon hour, we'll be joined by Dr. Michele Noonan,"the most recognizable real female scientist on TV." Michele's interests and activities are incredibly wide-ranging, from running her own web site to having starred in the 2009 reality TV show "Big Brother 11" to running various Facebook pages including "PhD in Sexy."

In addition to -- and more important than -- a pretty face, Michele has a stellar brain. From her bio: "Dr. Michele then pursued postdoctoral studies in the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, where she studied the role of o-GlcNac glycosylation of proteins on learning and memory. She was supported by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)."

We'll talk about women in science, whether Michele felt advantaged or disadvantaged by being attractive while going into intensely academic environments, and about whether women should pursue careers or marriage and family (assuming both aren't simultaneously possible.)

And in the 1 PM hour, we'll talk about the surging Rick Santorum. Are his very strong principles going to help him in the long run? Will women vote for Santorum in large enough numbers for him to win, especially when the media is done portraying him as against contraception -- which a bad joke by a supporter this past week didn't help? Also, is Rick Santorum really more "electable" than Mitt Romney, as a recent poll suggests -- countering Romney's strongest early argument?

All this, and maybe even more, on this Sunday’s edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show!

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