The Ross Kaminsky Show, February 5, 2012

On this edition (2/5/12) of The Ross Kaminsky Show on 850 KOA, we'll talk about life and death, leaving your kid in the car (is it a crime?), and the Superbowl.

In the 11 AM Hour, we'll be joined by Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong who has co-authored a controversial paper stating that what's really wrong about killing someone is not taking a life but creating "total and irreversible disability." By Dr. Sinnott-Armstrong's reckoning, then, removing life support systems from a person who has irreversible and total disability (including of brain function) is no different, morally speaking, from pulling a weed from a garden.

The doctor, who is a philosopher, not a physician, says that "there is nothing bad about death or killing other than the disability and disabling." It's hard not to have an instinctive negative reaction to this suggestion, but with further thought I believe the answer is not obvious. And I'd love to get your opinion during the show.

In the noon hour, we'll talk about the case of Sarah Hatfield who was charged with child abuse a week ago after leaving her children in a car and having some sort of blacked-out episode that left her wandering the streets of Denver for hours, eventually showing up at National Jewish Hospital near midnight. Should Hatfield be charged with a crime?

In Boulder (not surprisingly), a friend of mine left her child in a car (in a child seat) for a few minutes while running into the supermarket. It was a perfectly comfortable temperature both inside and outside the car. When she returned, she found that someone had called the police. They warned her but did not charge her -- though theoretically they could have. (Another time, the same friend of mine witnessed a person -- in Boulder again -- give a misbehaving child a whack on the rear end to try to get the kid to behave. Yet another Boulder do-gooder called the police, though a mild spank especially with an open hand is not against any law.)

There are plenty of other cases of people being charged with child abuse for leaving kids in cars. Sometimes, especially when it's very hot outside, I understand it, but are we living in an epidemic of state interference in child-rearing? Has Hillary Clinton's "it takes a village" approach taken over in the minds of Americans? I sure hope not, but evidence isn't encouraging. Would you call the police if you saw a child left in a car (on a day that wasn't very hot or very cold)? Have you seen people do that, or do you know people who have been reported by nosy passers-by in the supermarket parking lot?

And given that it's Superbowl Sunday, we'll spend our third hour talking about the game. Not just who you think will win, but how you manage the day. Does your husband or wife get into the festivities as much as you do? Are you betting on the game? ESPN reports that women will be betting on the game a lot more than before. And ABC News is reporting that excitement from the game might cause more heart attacks among women than among men, at least on a percentage basis. Does that sound like anyone you know? (It sure doesn't sound like my wife!)

All this and more on this Sunday's edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show.

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