The Ross Kaminsky Show, March 4, 2012

On the Sunday, March 4 edition of the Ross Kaminsky Show:

Does it seem to you like Americans spend all their time fearing the slightest offense of someone else's feelings, and then apologizing for thinks which range from the slightly funny to the "who care" to a few things which truly shouldn't have been said?

Several days ago, Ben & Jerry's ice cream company apologized for creating a "Lin-sanity" ice cream flavor which had fortune cookies in it. People complained, but was there really any offense? I'm sorry, but I'm sick of all this apologizing.

In the noon hour, we'll talk about gas prices. They're the highest ever for this time of year and we have a federal government who is perfectly happy with that situation (other, perhaps, than how it might impact the next election.)

Are gas prices impacting your life? Are you spending less on other things? Are you thinking about buying a more fuel-efficient car?

We'll discuss these issues, as well as hearing John Felmy, chief economist for the American Petroleum Institute explain why gas prices are as high as they are. Is it the government, is it "big oil", is it a strengthening economy, and how much should President Obama's nose be growing when he claims credit for increased oil production in the US?

And in the 1 PM hour, we'll talk about Rush Limbaugh and the politics of contraception. For those who haven't heard Limbaugh created a firestorm this week by calling a young woman who was to testify before Congress about contraceptive coverage in health insurance a "slut" and a "prostitute." Limbaugh initially didn't back down but I am yet to hear one person of influence or notoriety support him, and he seems to be losing advertisers rapidly. Perhaps more because of the latter fact than the former, Limbaugh issued an apology on his web site on Saturday -- for his choice of words rather than his view on the subject at hand.

More importantly, how much damage are Republicans doing to themselves, especially among women voters, with so much conversation being about contraception?

All this, and maybe even more, on this Sunday’s edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show!

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