The Ross Kaminsky Show, March 11, 2012

On the Sunday, March 11, 2012, edition of the Ross Kaminsky Show:

A US soldier is being held in Afghanistan after apparently going on a killing spree, killing 16 Afghan civilians, including 9 children and 3 women.

It is a grizzly story of assassination of innocents, and the US has already responded that justice will be done. Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is already terming the killings "unforgivable." This view is more understandable than a similar response by Afghan muslim clerics who said that the accidental burning of Korans by some American soldiers was also unforgivable.

What do these events mean about our involvement in Afghanistan? Is it time to get out entirely? If so, has our mission there been an enormous waste of blood and treasure?

In the second hour, we'll be joined by Deneen Borelli, whose new book "Blacklash" discusses the liberal left's drive to put all Americans on the "government plantation." It's obviously explosive race-related language, coming from one of America's leading black conservatives -- and a woman at that.

One of Borelli's many interesting questions is this: If all women aren't expected to agree with Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, if all whites aren't expected to agree with any given white politician, then why are all blacks expected to agree with Barack Obama and other far-left "leaders" of the black community?

Some of the things Borelli has been called due to her conservative positions are truly shameful. It seems to me -- and to Borelli -- that it has been at least a generation since this nation was so negatively focused on race issues, and that's thanks to our "post-racial" president, Barack Obama, who has never met a group he didn't want to turn into government-dependent "victims" and haters of the GOP.

In our final half hour (before the 1:30 PM Rockies pre-game show):

This weekend, HBO released its docu-drama "Game Change" which covers Sarah Palin's journey through the 2008 Presidential (and Vice-Presidential) campaign.

I watched the film on Saturday and would recommend that if you are given the opportunity to watch the film or to give yourself an appendectomy, you should take the latter.

Have you seen the movie yet? Are you going to?

What's your reaction when you see the liberal media so aggressively try to make a popular conservative look like an idiot?

What do you think of Sarah Palin at this point? Are you a fan? Are you happy that she's a lot less visible than she used to be? Do you want to see her run for national office again?

All this, and maybe even more, on this Sunday’s edition of The Ross Kaminsky Show!

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