Announcing The Ross Kaminsky Show on NewsRadio 850 KOA

It is with pleasure that I can let you know that I'll be hosting The Ross Kaminsky Show on Denver's NewsRadio 850 KOA on Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM.

The show's home page at the 850 KOA site will be:

I'm very grateful to the management of KOA for giving me the opportunity to be on the air on Colorado's premier talk radio station and I've promised them I'll keep you entertained and informed at the same time.

The show will frequently be pre-empted in whole or in part by sports programming, as KOA is the voice of the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Broncos, and the University of Colorado "Buffs." (I have a feeling that a Broncos game is slightly more profitable for the station than the Ross Kaminsky Show will be, if just barely.)

So, I won't be on the air (at least not on Sundays) during most of football season, and during much of baseball season the show will either be pre-empted entirely or else will run just an hour or two. (Frankly, as much as I love being on the air, especially on "the blowtorch", this schedule is perfect for me as it will allow me to talk to you -- my listeners, readers and friends -- for much of the year but also allow me some full weekends to spend with my wife and family.)

I'll try to put up a brief preview of each Sunday's show on these pages on either Friday or Saturday, to let you know what we'll be talking about and encourage you to join the conversation.

Also, I'll be posting to 850 KOA's Facebook page regularly during the show (and once in a while at other times), so I hope you'll "Like" us and join the debate at

Podcasts of the show will be found HERE, and for anyone who uses RSS to grab podcasts, that XML link is HERE.

I'm very excited about this opportunity, and I welcome any and all feedback on what you liked or didn't like about a show. Thanks for listening!

  • Abe
    Comment from: Abe
    01/29/12 @ 07:29:22 pm

    Congrats Ross!

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