The Secret (Weapon) Romney Tapes

The far-left magazine Mother Jones is making a splash, or what Democrats think is a splash, with video from a private fundraiser held in May for Mitt Romney. During the event, Romney spoke about the large minority of Americans who are dependent on government and pay no income tax and are therefore unlikely to favorably receive the Romney campaign's message, at least on the tax cut issue.

The left is now calling them the "secret Romney tapes," trying to raise images of Richard Nixon and late-night sweaty-brow conspiracies. In response to this clip being released, Mitt Romney said he hopes that whoever took the video will release all of it -- hardly the sign of a man afraid of his words. (Several video clips from the fundraiser are here, but each is edited -- in a way I suspect is most pleasing to the Obama-supporting editor. Still they are worth listening to.)

In a late-night press conference on Monday, Romney said that his words were "not elegantly stated," but he stood up for the basic ideas. As well he should.

Please read the entirety of my article for the American Spectator here:

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