The Silencers

Usually it's the cry of "racist".  This week, it's that plus rhetoric like "inciting violence", "over the top", "uncivil".  What do all these descriptions have in common?  They're all used to describe conservatives or Tea Party activists with the sole purpose of silencing political dissent against the tyranny of Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress.

DON'T fall for it.

I just heard a Republican and Democrat Senator being interviewed on Fox News.  The Republican (Lamar Alexander of Tennessee) essentially agreed with the Democrat (Barbara Mikulski of Maryland) that too much of the recent anti-Obama and more specifically anti-ObamaCare rhetoric has been "over the top", that we need to restrain ourselves and have "civil" discussions about politics as they do in the oh-so-civil US Senate.


This is an utterly appropriate time to be angry.  Note that I am not saying it's an appropriate time to be violent or suggest violence, or to be a moron, meaning hurling epithets or sputum.  That sort of behavior does nothing but damage the fight for liberty.  But anger, even LOUD anger, is part of the American tradition from time to time.

Do you think the First Continental Congress was kept "civil" by the Nannies who said that we should just talk calmly about whether or not King George III deserved America's continued loyalty?

Do you think the man in the street in Boston was told not to be "over the top" in their rhetoric when their lives and liberties were being destroyed by tyranny?

Did people tell civil rights leaders in the 1950s or abolitionists in the 1850s to muzzle themselves because people might see them as rude if their voices were a few decibels too loud?


I will not be silenced by bogus accusations of racism or inciting violence, the utter falseness of which is as plain to those making the accusations as those bearing the brunt of them.

If you, brother fighter for liberty, run into an Obama Zombie (quoting Jason Mattera), who fires their Silencer at you, accusing you of being racist, uncivil, or wanting to provoke violence, call him (or her) on it.

Fight back directly:  "You know I'm not a racist".  "Of course I'm angry.  If you realized what government was doing to your children, you'd be angry, too."  "I am not arguing for violence, as you well know.  But I am arguing for unelecting every possible Democrat until the day comes when a Democrat can stand for liberty and limited government rather than for increasing union money and power at the expense of everything and everyone else."  "I would be angry at these policies if the president were black, white, or green."

Make up your own response.  But DO NOT be silenced.

And let your elected representatives of BOTH PARTIES know that you WILL NOT BE SILENCED, that their condescending tut-tuts over raised voices will only make us raise them louder, and that we will neither forgive nor forget those who stole our liberty or their unindicted co-conspirators.  Don't forget that only a handful of current Congressional Republicans are true fighters for liberty.  Most of the rest are run-of-the-mill politicians who care more for their own re-election than anything else.  To the extent that our anger is anti-incumbent and not just anti-Democrat -- and it certainly is to a large degree -- they want to Silence us too.

To the Silencers: You have indeed wakened a sleeping giant. You cannot put him back to sleep.  You cannot silence him.  He is about to crush you as you so richly deserve.  So keep flapping your worthless gums for the short remaining duration of your political career.  Then go home and figure out how to live with yourself.

And for those of you who continue to support the Silencers, the Moochers and the Looters, perhaps in the naive hope that some particular redistribution of other people's money to you will give you the free lunch you've always thought you were entitled to, please keep in mind the words of Samuel Adams:

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

  • lurker9876
    Comment from: lurker9876
    03/29/10 @ 06:26:54 am

    Thanks for this post. We need to read this but not get violent. Many conservative bloggers are saying don't be taunted by the Left wings into violence and bring your camera to take photos and videos. We are going to need a "Counter Saul Alinsky: Rules for the Conservatives" book. Little does Obama understand that getting something passed no matter how bad it is is the worse thing to do for a Presidential legacy. He's pretty much taken over the entire medical industry and he's ready to take over another part.

  • Brian
    Comment from: Brian
    03/29/10 @ 09:31:49 pm

    I agree that a loud and passionate debate is healthy and part of the American political tradition. So too are lies and deception employed by the lame stream media and many on the left who are detracting from the debate. Now the inevitable charge of "racism" is being hurled about. Andrew Breitbart has called BS on this charge and has upped his offer to $100,000 for one piece of video evidence of a racial slur being used during the recent protests in D.C. as is being claimed by the Congressional Black Caucus and most (all) lame stream media types. In spite of all the news cameras, recoding devices, personal video cameras, etc, not one person has been able to claim the $100,000. Hmmmmmm. As to the weekend media assault on me and my fellow Americans that we can only oppose Obama because we are racist and Pelosi because we hate women and Frank because we are homophobic, I confess! You got me. But heck, what is causing my utter contempt and disgust for Chuckie Schumer, Arlen Specter, John Kerry, Bart Stupak and all the other pathetic white male Democratic members of Congress? Gosh darn it, I'll have to think about that one and get back to ya. Surely couldn't be that any of my outrage is because of the horrendous policies and the out right deceptive accounting schemes they employ (which would get you indicted in the private sector by the way). Now in closing, let me go ahead and confess one more bias which is directed at the utterly contemptible Henry Waxman...I hate short people! And what is up with his nasty little turned up nose and those beady eyes? He looks like a nutria, aka a big fat rat!!