This isn't funny anymore: CO Democrats' Internet tax

[Update: The Democrat money-grubbers in the Colorado Senate will be substituting an amendment for the Internet Tax bill which is likely to be even worse than the original bill.  Stay tuned...]

Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wrea) explains the cynical and dangerous Internet sales tax bill which Democrats in the state legislature seem likely to pass into law. What needs to be noted and explained widely about the Internet-related bills which Democrats will soon pass is that their targets are largely young, middle-class, and tech-savvy, as was pointed out in Mike Garner's comment to my Friday blog note on this topic.

These young people were part of the tidal wave that swept Barack Obama and many other Democrats into office and they're a target audience which conservatives and Republicans should be hammering with a message of "Do you understand now what the Democrats are really about?"

HB10-1193 will cost a lot of income and jobs in Colorado, raise the cost of living for many who shop online, and give an Orwellian subpoena power to the State Dept. of Revenue.  While or other retailer would likely win a lawsuit, it's more likely they'll take the lower-cost option and simply end affiliate advertising programs in Colorado.  If, however, Colorado truly attempts to force those retailers to collect sales tax from and/or inform on customers who live in Colorado, Amazon may either have to fight in court or actually refuse to ship to Colorado.

I almost hope it's the latter, for a time.  It could cause the biggest electoral backlash against Democrats on a state level that anyone's ever seen.

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