Thoughts for my enviro-wacko neighbors

I live in an neighborhood with people who have drunk more than the recommended daily dose of environmental and global warming kool-aid.

One of them, a very nice lady of the unreconstructed meditating hippy persuasion common in my area, sent the following note out to the area e-mail newsgroup:

A get together of ____ Road Residents
to talk about and share concerns related to Climate Change:
it's impacts on our own local community and the planet, and therefore all of us.

[details of the meeting time and place removed]

Why this get together and this topic?
I am concerned about the negative cumulative effects of many of the activities of our planet's peoples.  I want to hear from others and share concerns about current and future impacts on our Boulder County, _____ Road community and our individual lives; and impacts we are having on the planet.

I suggest we share from these questions:
What have we heard or do we know about this topic?  What steps are we taking or want to take in response?
What would we like to see happen--a vision for the future?    What are organizations in Boulder County doing which might contribute to our community on _____ Road?


As you might suspect, I had a brief thought on the subject, which I was more than happy to send back to the neighborhood:

Perhaps people could discuss the many positive cumulative effects of human activity in recent decades?

Water and air cleaner than ever.
Life span longer than ever.
No evidence of sea level rise despite claims of Al Gore
Arctic ice cap extent at a deacde-long maximum for this day of the year
Even the "poor" in America own cars, air conditioning, and color televisions

Perhaps the steps we should take "in response" are to encourage and maximize liberty and entrepreneurship and give up on the outrageously egotistical idea that humans have had any major impact on global climate or that efforts to reduce temperatures by a fraction of a degree over 100 years is worth crushing the economy or that modest planetary warming (which occurs naturally from time to time) is a bad thing.  Indeed, it's probably a great thing for most people on the planet.

Just my two cents...

Ross K

  • gstaff
    Comment from: gstaff
    05/02/10 @ 07:30:04 pm

    Did you get any interesting replies??

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    05/02/10 @ 09:50:57 pm

    One supportive comment and one which was essentially supportive but along the lines of my being entertaining. Nothing else.