Thoughts on Primary Election results

For my thoughts on Colorado's Republican primary election for governor, as well as on the Oklahoma Senate primary and the Mississippi Senate runoff, please see my article for the American Spectator here:

  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    06/25/14 @ 09:05:37 pm

    It's interesting that the establishment that complained about tea party candidates that had no chance of winning, find themselves in that very position now with the Cochran candidacy. Though an incumbent, the feedback against the tactics of the campaign have been so intense won't soon be forgotten when it comes to the election. The establishment won the battle but will lose the war. The 2nd district of Nebraska (largest red in the state that just elected a republican mayor in Omaha) will have a three way race. The incumbent republican won the primary against a challenge (challenger won 43% of the vote). The primary was ticked off and was going to run third party but as a compromise, a former, well known state Senator will run a 3rd party campaign with name on the ballot. The democrat is a former, popular republican who should win it easily. In a year of what should be low hanging fruit, we're giving away seats in places we don't have to. I think Udall is beatable but Hickenlooper not so much. I think that is why you won't see immigrant children showing up there until after November. Another primary to watch is Pat Roberts of Kansas. If anecdotal evidence is accurate (lawn signs), Dr Wolf has a chance.

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