Today's deep thought

What do "big oil", "big pharma", and "big finance" have in common other than being big? They all provide a product or service without which modern life would be nearly impossible. What can you then conclude about the left, which attacks all of these groups? That -- even if they are unaware of it -- their policies are anti-human.

I do not say this as hyperbole.

When you see the left attacking an industry, or even a company (like WalMart), it bears asking "what would the world, or my life, be like if the left's desired destruction actually happened?" It's one thing to want to support "the little guy" or "the underdog". That's quite within American tradition and many of us do so either consciously or subsconsciously in everything from business to sports. But wanting to destroy something just because it's big and successful is not the logical extension of that coin. Such destruction is not just destroying the "other" but destroying what makes our lives better, or even possible.

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