Tom Tancredo calls for marijuana legalization

On Wednesday, at a speech given to the Lincoln Club of Denver, former Congressman Tom Tancredo argued that the violence caused by the profits involved in the drug trade was good reason to consider legalization. Tancredo is hardly a social issues liberal, and I'm very pleased to see someone on "the right" make a case for legalization. Here's the Denver Channel 7 News story link: and the video from the evening news: [video:youtube:jDi8UXojlMY]
  • Carmen L. Brown
    Comment from: Carmen L. Brown
    05/26/09 @ 01:18:57 pm

    Tom Tancredo is right. We need to think about this issue very carefully. We must look at what works. Saying that the current situation of this brutal war in Mexico is working is a tough argument to make. The drug war is a war on minorities, youth, and poor. We have more people in prison than any other nation on earth. We have spent over one trillion dollars on the drug war since President Nixon. After all that money and all those prison sentences, as Tom Tancredo said, drugs are easier to get for teens than booze. But booze is legal. Please leave fear out of this debate. Look at places like Portugal where they have decriminalized.