Tom Tancredo weighs in about Cory Voorhis, Ramos & Compean, and sanctuary cities

On Sunday, former Congressman Tom Tancredo had an OpEd in the Washington Times entitled "Tale of Two Sanctuary Cities." While I am not a Tancredo-style immigration hawk (I'd like to see more legal immigration into this country), Tancredo's discussion of a nation which is placing greater emphasis on the "rights" of illegal alien criminals (and I mean criminals for reasons far worse than just being an illegal alien) than on the rights of American citizens who risk their lives trying to protect us from those criminals. Congressman Tancredo discusses the "sanctuary cities" of El Paso and Denver and the two travesties against law enforcement officers which occurred in those cities. In the former, it was the conviction and imprisonment of Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for improperly reporting discharging a weapon at a Mexican drug smuggler as he was running away from a truckload of marijuana that he was trying to bring into the USA. (Tangentially, this is just another reason to legalize marijuana; take the profit out of it to take the violence out of it.) In his last hours in office, President Bush commuted Ramos and Compean's sentences but didn't have the courage to pardon them. More importantly to me personally is Tancredo's discussion of the case of Cory Voorhis, about whom I've written several times and whom I've gotten to know a little bit over the past year...making me all the more certain of the unjustness of what happened to him. Cory Voorhis was charged with "improper access" to information after helping to get made public the information that Bill Ritter, formerly Denver's Attorney General and now our Governor, routinely allowed illegal alien criminals to plead down to non-deportable charges, thus allowing them to stay in the state and the country. In fact, Ritter's behavior was so well known that Hispanic American criminals would pretend to be illegal aliens when they were arrested in order to get the good deals. You can read more about the details of the case elsewhere on my blog. Although the kangaroo court prosecution of Cory Voorhis ended with a rapid and unanimous "not guilty" verdict (from a 13-member jury, no less!) the government has nevertheless fired him, leaving him with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills and taking a job as a private security guard to make ends meet for his family. Cory is appealing his job termination, but given recent years' consistent trumping of the rule of law by political ambition and vendetta in our nation, I am not very optimistic. Cory Voorhis was truly one of the bright shining stars of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, a man who ran major cases at a far younger age than is typical within ICE and with great success. (The prosecution of Voorhis caused a major Mexican crime kingpin to be given a plea deal instead of a trial.) We are all less safe without him on the job, and we are all worse off for living under a government which would risk Americans' safety because they felt a little embarrassed by a whistle-blower. Congressman Tancredo notes that he will be co-hosting a fund-raiser for Cory in May. I'll be there (if I'm in Colorado at the time) and will let you all know when the event will be and encourage you to attend and contribute.
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