Trump Spells Trouble for Clinton

If recent polls from more than half a dozen reputable polling organizations are to be believed, of the six leading Republican candidates for president Donald Trump is the one least likely to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election.

Polling can be and has often been wrong, sometimes spectacularly so, but Trump’s electability gap has been a consistent feature of his primary campaign as a fire-breathing self-funding willing-to-say-anything non-politician politician.

However, even if you believe (as I do) the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is “clearly itching to run against Mr. Trump,” he nevertheless poses a substantial threat to her presidential aspirations in advance of November’s elections.

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  • airbus
    Comment from: airbus
    12/30/15 @ 12:47:16 am

    Hillary's support is like a Hollywood movie set. Go round back and you see the sticks holding up the illusion. Fox producers said that to have a Hillary or Jeb! interview, you must submit ?'s in advance for approval. Trump will go anywhere any time on any subject. In a general, Trump will expose her demands of her debate demands. She's got a treasure chest of issues to be attacked on: Clinton Foundation donations, Bills Bimbos,Lybia, Bengahzi lies, Syria, accomplishments etc. She depends on the media controlling the narrative.

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