University of Colorado may offer Churchill a buyout

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 3/10/05,1413,36%257E416%257E,00.html Re: CU weighs buyout for firebrand prof (Denver Post, March 8, 2005) To the Editors: A buyout of Ward Churchill is a terrible idea for many reasons. First, the case against Churchill is much too strong for the University to be afraid of losing in court. Second, it sets a terrible precedent. Future bad behavior and violation of contract will become exceptionally difficult to punish. Would a professor who is even more destructive than Churchill simply be worth a bigger payout? Third, the University of Colorado is a public institution and has a fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers including not paying the equivalent of protection money to a terrorist. If a buyout is offered, citizens should take every possible legal action to block it. If the University is worried about the cost of defending themselves in a lawsuit, put me down for a $1000 contribution to a legal defense fund for any regent with the courage to stand up and fire Ward Churchill.
  • Luis Landau
    Comment from: Luis Landau
    03/09/05 @ 12:46:29 am

    I like your proposal. Thanks for your generous offer to help finance the legal costs of defending a decison to fire this sick person.

  • Brad Warbiany
    Comment from: Brad Warbiany
    03/09/05 @ 05:00:38 am

    Wow. If that's not the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. The buyout won't work, for the following reason: Churchill will refuse. He knows he won't be offered another tenured teaching job if he gives up CU, and will be able to claim the moral victory of sticking a thumb in the eye of the administration trying to silence him. It's just bad PR, because there is no way he'd accept it.