Voter fraud apparently OK if it benefits Democrats

It seems that many in the media went crazy in Flordia when slightly difficult voting mechanisms might have caused some people's votes not to count. But when outright fraud is involved, the dominant liberal media is silent...including the liberal member of this blog who most frequently writes about voting issues. So let me just offer you one article, by the Wall Street Journal's John Fund, laying out some of what's really going on. see "Falsified registrations become votes", John Fund,, 11/2/08 Many of you may remember when liberals were squawking (for months, if not years) that George W. Bush stole the 2000 election even though all the recounts showed that he won Florida and it's likely that if there was voter fraud, it helped the Democrat, as always. But if Barack Obama wins Ohio narrowly, you will see some accusations of stealing an election which will have real merit. It's possible that Barack Obama can win Ohio without surrogates cheating for him, and he should be doing everything possible to do so. Instead, he's basically silent on the criminal organization ACORN as is the traditional liberal media. They care so much about getting The Messiah elected that they don't care whether they have to cheat, lie, or destroy our Republic to do it.
  • Mister Guy
    Comment from: Mister Guy
    11/03/08 @ 03:08:28 pm

    "even though all the recounts showed that he won Florida" Nonsense, Gore won FL after all of the recounts were done much later on & pretty much no matter what "standard" was used to tell how a voter voted: OH is and has been completely messed up when it comes to voting. Those touch-screen machines are a total joke. How any state was duped into using them at all I'll never know. There are much cheaper and more effective means to count votes AND allow for a paper trail. BTW, President Obama doesn't even need OH at this point...he's already won without it!

  • Comment from: Rossputin
    11/03/08 @ 03:19:56 pm

    Mister Guy, Please stop with your lies. Even the NY Times admits "Study of Disputed Florida Ballots Finds Justices Did Not Cast the Deciding Vote" It's one thing to disagree on ideas. It's another thing to simply lie and I won't tolerate it on my web site. Go start your own web site if you want to post lies.