Watching AttackWatch Attacks

You have to hand it to the Obama Administration when it comes to consistency: They are singularly skilled when it comes to refusing to learn from their own failures. No, I’m not talking about their cult-like belief in “green jobs” despite a mountain of evidence that those jobs only exist when taxpayers are forced to incinerate money to subsidize them. (Actually, that’s an interesting thought: Could we end up generating more power for the nation if, instead of giving half a billion dollars to a solar panel company, we just burned five hundred million one dollar bills? But I digress…)

And I’m not talking about Obama’s latest stimulus plan. Oops, we can’t say “stimulus” anymore; it’s a “jobs” plan, despite every similar policy of this president having failed spectacularly to produce a job. (Don’t forget, however, to be oh-so-thankful for “jobs saved.”)

The newest and simultaneously funny and frightening Obama reprise is the launch of an Obama campaign web site called, designed to “Get the facts (and) Fight the smears.”  According to ABC News, “Obama for America national field director Jeremy Bird said the site offers ‘new resources to fight back,’ including policy issue pages that fact check statements by Obama’s Republican opponents with links to ‘evidence’ to back them up.”

Before getting to the early reaction to, a little history is in order:

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