What part of "hoax" does Michael Bennet not understand

I got an e-mail (as did many thousands of others) from the Michael Bennet campaign yesterday containing the following message (fund-raising links edited out):


Dear Ross --

Global warming a hoax? Really?

In Fort Collins yesterday, Ken Buck told a crowd of his Tea Party supporters that, "Sen. Inhofe was the first person to stand up and say this global warming is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated...The evidence just keeps supporting his view, and more and more people's view, of what's going on."


I can't imagine having Ken Buck make the decisions that will affect the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Michael knows we must address climate change and end our dangerous addiction to foreign oil. He believes we have a moral obligation to manage our natural resources responsibly so they can be enjoyed by the next generation.

And Michael knows Colorado can be a leader in the new energy economy. We've already seen thousands of new jobs created in Colorado thanks to our state's investment in the cleaner energy economy.

But all this would be at risk if Ken Buck had his way.

This message is perhaps one of the best reasons to vote for Ken Buck.

Even if you don't take the time to read the rest of my blog note, I urge you to read the two relatively short pieces linked at the end of this note.

Here's the short note I sent back to the Bennet campaign:

Yes, Craig, "global warming" (or at least that it's substantially caused by humans when it does happen) is a hoax.  What part of that don't you understand?

What's unbelievable is how you think that leftist schemes to control the economy with bogus scare tactics like "global warming" would continue unchallenged forever.

When people like Michael Bennet say they want to "use resources responsibly", what they mean is that they want to massively increase energy costs.  No thanks.

This bears further elaboration.

Michael Bennet supports cap-and-trade, a Quixotic scheme to attack changes in climate which humans have vanishingly little influence over, at tremendous cost to economic growth and thus to Americans' ability to find a job in an already horrendous job market -- that also due primarily to disproven Keynesian economic policies supported by Obama and Michael Bennet, the Senator from Obama.

Ken Buck has consistently said that he "do(es)n’t think that man-made causes are the primary factor" of global warming, since renamed "climate change" by the environmental industry after a decade of the planet not warming.

Bennet and his ilk argue that not "doing something" about climate change is risky.  Their argument, while persuasive to the non-thinking (such as John McCain before he had a primary challenger) is not just wrong, but dangerously wrong.

What Bennet and other alarmists believe is that we must destroy our economy now because there's some small chance that their bogeyman of climate change will impact our economy later.  It's like saying we should cut off your foot because you might stub your toe later in life.

While cap-and-trade is probably dead for a while, it needs a stake through its heart, as does the political career of anyone who supports it.

Ken Buck was absolutely right that man-made global warming is a hoax.

For your own intellectual ammunition, here are two important summaries of the explanation of its hoax-ness:

"Pop Went the Climate Bubble" by Steven Milloy

The resignation of Hal Lewis from the American Physical Society (this one is a must-read)


  • colawman
    Comment from: colawman
    10/22/10 @ 02:20:32 pm

    Michael Bennet won't run any ads on Cap and Trade as he knows he is out of touch with the mainstream. Here is an excerpt from an email of his re: Cap and trade: The House of Representatives’ passage of H.R.2454 is a significant step in the right direction. The bill includes the implementation of a market-based cap-and-trade program that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by requiring polluters to trade pollution allowances; http://www.grist.org/article/2009-michael-bennet-on-climate-legislation/ Michael Bennet is the candidate too extreme for Colorado and too extreme for America.

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