OK, the first razor with two blades was pretty cool. And when Gilette came out with the Mach 3, with 3 blades, I bought one partly because I thought it might be marginally better and partly because I thought it was silly and I like owning silly things. Then Schick introduced the Quattro razor, with 4 blades, at which I just laughed. I simply couldn't...and can't...fathom the extra benefit of 4 blades. I thought to myself, when will it end? Are they possibly silly enough to go past 4? And now, Gilette has introduced the Fusion, with 5 blades. Selling razors is a great business...not because of the razors but because of the blades. They can and do give away the razors in order to make you a long term buyer of 4 blades for $10, or something like that. As if 5 blades weren't silly enough, the Fusion Power also takes a battery! On the Fusion site, they have a rather attractive girl, wearing a lab coat, explaining the razor including such excellent razor language as "gentle micro-pulses...all you need to know is that they feel great". And "you'd like to get closer, wouldn't you?" Oy veh, I hope they stop at 5!


# The Freak on 09/25/06 at 04:52
I remember when the first 2-bladed razors were announced, the line was that 'the first blade gently pulls the hair out, the second blade cuts it really close'. To which Saturday Night Live did a parody in which they hypothesized a 3-bladed razor where 'the first blade gently pulls the hair out, the second blade pulls it out some more, the third blade rips it right out -- for the smoothest skin ever.' I remember laughing outloud. If only I'd seen the future!
# The Freak on 09/25/06 at 04:55
The hysterical thing is that the 5-blade thing is so wide, that they had to add a 1-bladed razor on the back 'for precision'.
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