Why Colorado needs a Republican governor

PUBLISHED in the Denver Post, 6/2/06 http://www.denverpost.com/search/ci_3889025 re "Record number of vetoes for governor" (Denver Post, 5/26/06) http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_3869754 To the Editors: While lamenting Governor Owens vetoing bills which would have brought “more affordable health care” or more “accessible” education, your article ignores any consideration of the costs, both to our wallets and our freedom, of implementing the Democrats’ Nanny State agenda. “Affordable” and “accessible” are code for higher taxes and handouts; indeed, nearly every Democrat bill includes a new bureaucracy, more regulation, higher taxes, and windfalls to unions. As usual, Andrew Romanoff misses the message as well. Government can not solve a person’s choice between drugs and gasoline, or prevent all “unhappy choices” without stealing from one citizen to give to another…and government should not play Robin Hood. Owens’ vetoes highlights the necessity for a Republican governor to defend us from the big-spending, power-hungry aims of liberal legislators who think of government as our mother to whom we owe obedience, and whose spending addiction we should support (instead of our own families) in her dotage.
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