Wishful thinking by Udall supporters?

Following is a note I posted in response to a blog piece at Denver's 5280 magazine web site. The original article is here: http://www.5280.com/blog/?p=2722 For a couple of reasons, I think you overstate Udall's underlying lead. First, I do not believe the fundraising gap is as big as you imply. Keep in mind that Schaffer started late, Udall put in $1.5 million from his congressional campaign fund, and the political environment for Republicans can probably only improve from these depths. Second, independent voters are more likely to be convinced by reasoned arguments, demonstrations of leadership skills, strong principles, and other important characteristics for one's senator that are all but absent in Mark Udall. They are also going to learn that Udall is anything but an independent, voting the party line over 95% of the time. I look forward to debates between Bob Schaffer and Mark Udall because I believe it will show the massive intellectual advantage that Schaffer has, the strength of his principles and ideas, and the fact that he is far more mainstream than the media likes to portray him. Although Udall is a nice guy, it will not be easy for him to run away from a truly undistinguished record in Congress. The only recent publicity he's received has been in sponsoring a bill to censure Rush Limbaugh, as if that's a way to retaliate against people who objected to MoveOn.org's latest fiasco regarding General Petraeus. It is hard to imagine independents flocking to someone who attacks the First Amendment like that. If the race is Udall's to lose, it is because of the exceptionally bad political environment for Republicans right now, not because he is the better candidate. To the extent that the race hinges on independents (who, by definition, are open to voting for a person in any party), this is good news for Bob Schaffer. Udall's camp does not want to appear over-confident in part out of political strategy but also because there's no reason they should be highly confident.
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