“Women in the Workforce”? Enough Already!

I don't mean that there are enough women in the workforce, or that women should be "barefoot and pregnant." After all, my mother was a US Navy Admiral.

What I mean is that I'm so tired of hearing people like the Obama administration economist who is speaking at today's White House press briefing, talking about all kinds of data regarding women in the workforce and elsewhere, and the left's obsession with a "wage gap."

Women have a lower unemployment rate than men, are a higher percentage of college students than men, and roughly equal percentage in graduate schools.

This economist (a woman, of course) makes the insane claim that raising the minimum wage would narrow the gender wage gap (because more women than men work in minimum wage jobs), when the primary effect will be to raise unemployment among women. Furthermore, all minimum wage workers make...wait for it...minimum wage, so there is precisely zero wage gap among minimum wage workers. So she's saying that a wage gap among highly-paid professionals should be addressed by raising the minimum wage?

Does she even believe her own words? Does anybody with half a brain take any Obama administration economic policy as anything but a naive leftist ideological joke utterly unhinged from reality?

I'm just so damn tired of hearing these people talk about women in the workforce.

How about having an economist stand up in the White House Press Room to talk about men in the work force, challenges facing men, etc? That would be "sexist" you say? Then how is this not equally sexist? It's just more of the same: the politics of division. This has to stop.

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