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Wexler's proposal exposes Democrats' Social Security problem

PUBLISHED online at re: Wexler offers proposal to fix Social Security (Washington Times, 5/17/05)… more »

450 economists sign petition supporting personal accounts; the liberal media ignores it

see: Although claims of “liberal media bias” are often red herrings, media coverage of the debate over Social Security reform leaves newspapers in particular wide open to such charges. The… more »

President Bush again abandons free-trade principles

re: U.S. Textile Makers Praise Quotas on Chinese Imports (WSJ Online, 5/14/05),,SB111607540440633812,00.html To the Editors: Following on President Bush's first-term steel tariffs which were obviously a violation of… more »

Responding to a reader's comment on "Flushing the Koran"

A blog reader posted this comment which I think deserves a response as its own posting. Here's my answer to a well-meaning but incorrect apologist for Muslims: Drake Way, If you read a little more of my blog, you will see that I am far far far from… more »

Supreme Court Allows Interstate Wine Shipments...I'll Drink To That

See US Supreme Court uncorks key 'Wine Wars' ruling In an article I wrote in December, I argued that the Supreme Court should rule that Constitutional prohibition against states' interfering with interstate commerce should trump the wording in the 21st… more »

A letter to a tax-increasing Colorado Republican

This letter was e-mailed to CO State Senator Steve Johnson, Republican from Larimer County, who (to his enormous discredit) was a co-sponsor of House Bill 1194 which will be Referendum C on the ballot in November, allowing the government to keep… more »

Giving credit where it is due....

Thanks to blog visitor "gopone" for this comment: Comment from: gopone [Visitor] What the heck? Please name the bad bills killed in the Senate and Hillman. Stengel and Co. in the House killed the bills. Do some research before you… more »

Follow-up on "Flushing the Koran"

re: Newsweek Apologizes; Afghans Want Action (AP, 5/15/05) Newsweek's "apology": To the Editors: So, dozens… more »

Flushing the Koran...a red herring given to our enemies by Newsweek

re: Re: Afghan Protests Spread; Eight More Killed In Anti-U.S. Riots (Washington Post, 5/14/05) To the Editors: The recent news about Muslim reaction following the… more »

Border Patrol trying to make Minuteman Project look ineffective?

From the "Someone should get fired if this is true" files: From today's Washington Times: Border Patrol told to stand down in Arizona By Jerry Seper THE WASHINGTON TIMES U.S. Border Patrol agents have been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens along… more »