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Catholicism Today

I'm not Catholic, but I'd like to make two points about the Catholic Church today, one possibly more serious than the decide. First, I think it's interesting that the Cardinals selected an outspoken conservative like Joseph Ratzinger. I… more »

More bad tax law in Colorado

While researching Colorado property taxes I found a great example of bad policy made by a money-grubbing government: According to a state web site: “If the tax amount is $10 or less, the county treasurer may add an administrative fee of $5 to your… more »

Colorado State Senators Respond!

I received two e-mails from State Senators in response to my piece about the Colorado Senate voting on House Bill 1317, the pseudo-tax-cut being used as part of a horrible "compromise" which will take over $3 billion from state taxpayers over the next 5… more »

Global Warming: another fact-free article from the environmentalists

Re: Fiddling while Earth burns (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/17/05),1713,BDC_2493_3703830,00.html To the Editors: Ron Forthofer’s article about global warming is full of the non-scientific rhetoric… more »

No change in TABOR without addressing spending!

PUBLISHED! (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/19/05),1713,BDC_2491_3710084,00.html re: Quick Fix Won't Help In The Long Run (Boulder Daily Camera, 4/17/05)… more »

NYC financial mismangement in settling with convention protestors

re: City to Pay $150 a Person in G.O.P. Arrest Settlement (NY Times, 4/16) To the Editors: New York City joined the running for my “2005 Financial Mismanagement Award” based on the… more »

A lone voice against looting the citizens

re: Tax-reduction vote puts GOP in a pickle (Denver Post, 4/14/05),1413,36%257E61%257E2815146,00.html To the Editors: I happened to be visiting the State Senate during the debate over House Bill 1317, the… more »

The judicial filibuster needs to go

This blog posting is by a guest writer: Bob Schaffer, former 3-term Congressman from Fort Collins, Colorado, current national Committeman of the Colorado Republican Party, and Chairman of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. ----------- The… more »

Stocks plunge to lowest since....?

re: Stocks Plunge to Lowest Point Since Election (NY Times article, 4/16/05) To the Editors: Although it’s true that stock prices have not been this low since shortly after the election, it is… more »

Boston Budgeting: City versus Citizens

re: City relies on taxes, fines to boost budget (Boston Globe, 4/14/05) To the Editors: Boston’s proposed budget is a disaster of fiscal… more »