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TABOR Battle: If Republicans won't stand up for low taxes, who will?

Re: GOP Governors Fight Tax Limits (Washington Post, 3/27/05) To the Editors: Bill Owens had been a minor political hero to many Coloradoans for his role in passing the Taxpayer B… more »

The 35-hour work week: Another French economic idiocy

Re: Liberte, egalite, 35 heures (Chicago Tribune article, 3/26/05),1,6229186.story To the editors: Money, like water, squeezes through any system with holes and finds its own level.… more »

Unenforceable tax law in Massachusetts?

re: Romney scales back tax bill on businesses (Boston Globe article, 3/26/05) Although I applaud the Governor’s scaling back plans for ill-c… more »

Ward Churchill case: Chancellor's Report as much as we could have hoped for

Re: Faculty inquiry up next Chancellor decides allegations merit probe by CU panel (Rocky Mountain News, 3/25/05),1299,DRMN_15_3649895,00.html To the Editors: Chancellor DiStefano is right t… more »

Open letter to Thomas Sowell about the role of the Judiciary

re: Myth of 19 Judges and Ignoring the Will of Congress By Thomas Sowell, March 25, 2005 Dear Mr. Sowell, My name is Ross Kaminsky. I'm a conservative-leaning libertarian and former… more »

Follow-up: The Politics of Schiavo and the Hypocrisy of our government

Let's be clear: I am not gladdened by what's happening to Terri Schiavo. Who could be? It's a tragic scene and a drawn-out (if probably not painful) death. Others have argued enough about the merits of the case. I'm not a doctor and have never met any… more »

Bloggers help prevent Eminent Domain abuse in Colorado

Toll road gets tangled in Web of defeat Bloggers' successful blocking of 'Super Slab' bill stuns developer (Rocky Mountain News, 3/24/05),1299,DRMN_21_3646692,00.html I'm all for private funding… more »

Don't be misled by the 2041 insolvency date for Social Security. (The real problem is barely more than 10 years away.)

re: Social Security Insolvency Date Revised to 2041 (LA Times article, 3/23/05),0,5557111.story? To the Editors: Focusing on 2041 as the "insolvency" date for Social Security is a… more »

Will the FEC try to apply McCain-Feingold to Bloggers?

Re: McCain-Feingold Online (WSJ Editorial, 3/23/05),,SB111153913729187102,00.html As a blogger, I find it hard to be particularly afraid of the FEC. Th… more »

Terri Schiavo, politics and hypocrisy (on both sides)

As if Terri Schiavo's plight weren't tragic enough, we're now also being treated to the disgusting spectacle of Congress trying to score political points by involving themselves in the situation. While the moral case of whether to remove her feeding t… more »