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Boulder police have DUI arrest quotas...

re: Attorneys disclose DUI arrest quotas (4/11/05),1713,BDC_2423_3693155,00.html To the Editors: It’s no surprise to learn that Boulder police have arrest quotas for DUIs. While the city might… more »

Follow up #2: FDA panel reverses itself and allows sales of breast implants In a sudden flash of logic, the FDA panel which yesterday refused to allow resumption of silicone breast implant sales today changed their… more »

Not Just a Colorado Issue: Political corruption in public education (follow-up)

Following my note is a letter from the gentlemen pursuing the misuse of public education resources in the election of Bob Bacon to the Colorado State Senate. It follows on a story I wrote about a month ago. Across the country, teachers' unions are… more »

Death Tax Desperation by Democrats

re: House Votes to End Federal Estate Taxes (NY Times via AP, 4/13/05) To the Editors: Democrats argue that eliminating the death fax favors the “super rich” while ignoring the fact that… more »

Colorado legislators considering statewide smoking ban

re: Panel advances smoking ban,1413,36%257E53%257E2811339,00.html To the Editors: Supporters of a smoking ban abandon principle and ignore science. Just because the public is allowed into a place does not mean the… more »

follow up: FDA Panel recommends against resuming sales of silicone breast implant In yet another step toward a society dominated by fear of lawsuits or bad polls and away from personal responsibility and scientific… more »

15 NYSE specialists to be indicted

re: Prosecutor to Indict 15 Specialists (WSJ, 4/12/05),,SB111331189063804529,00.htm? or To the Editors: As a longtime financial markets… more »

Allow resumption of silicone breast implant sales

re: FDA to reconsider breast implant ban, amid durability questions (USA Today, 4/11/05) To the Editors: The FDA has recently been too influenced by emotion, public opinion, and… more »

Survey about a woman president is likely about a particular woman

re: Shock in Prez survey (NY Post news story, 4/11/05) To the Editors: While survey respondents gave the answer they are “supposed” to give about voting for a woman president, the truth which came out… more »

Bob Beauprez Should Run For Governor

re: A no vote on Bob Beauprez's question (Denver Post editorial, 4/10/05),1413,36~417~2804861,00.html To the Editors: While I understand your concerns about Bob Beauprez leaving DC, I disagree with your conclusion.… more »