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Market Impact of Personal Social Security Accounts

re: Fears of pumped-up profits are overinflated (USA Today Op/Ed 4/6/05) To the Editors: In addition to the misconception about personal accounts being a major windfall for… more »

A Living Will

A friend sent this to me. I don't know who wrote it but if the author contacts me I'll be happy to give you credit. You might want to bring this to your attorney to use instead of his boilerplate. --------------- LIVING WILL I,… more »

Clearing up public misconceptions about Social Security

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News 4/13/05,1299,DRMN_38_3694823,00.html re: Why is Social Security rate of return so poor? (Rocky Mountain News, Letter to the Editor, 4/6/05)… more »

Wal-Mart starts advertising: "We're good for America"

re: Wal-Mart Officials Defend Company at Media Conference or (subscription only)… more »

Social Security reform: Continuing the Conversation with WCV

I'm really enjoying this conversation with WCV. This is exactly the person the Republicans should be convincing of the benefits of reform, yet they're not getting it done effectively. WCV is asking fundamental questions, questions which any pro-reform… more »

Supreme Court: Creditors can't seize IRAs (or Social Security); Another reason low-income workers should support Social Security Reform

Re: Supreme Court: Creditors Can't Seize IRAs or or… more »

My last piece of the politics of Terri Schiavo (I still think the Republicans hurt themselves)

re: DeLay spokesman rebuffs critical poll (Houston Chronicle, 4/4/05) Nearly 40% of likely voters in sample have a less favorable view of him, survey says. I read and took seriously analysis… more »

Steamboat Springs and maintaining a charming town's character

As I mentioned in my prior 2 postings, I’m on a short vacation, taking my wife and two nephews snowboarding at beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had an interesting conversation while going up a very long lift today and it opened my eyes to… more »

Terri Schiavo and Political Principle: Republican Errors and their Consequences

Yes, Virginia, there are principles in politics. It’s just that the politicians are ignoring them. When considering a government action, Americans look at more than just its direct effect. We care about the principles involved such as federalism and… more »

Thanking the mugger (TABOR proposal is clearly a tax hike)

Re: Owens vs. the fuzzy math boys (Denver Post editorial, Bob Ewegen, 3/28/05),1413,36%257E146%257E2782833,00.html To the Editors: Bob Ewegen's claim that the proposal to gut TABOR is not a tax increase does not… more »