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Colorado legislators considering statewide smoking ban

re: Panel advances smoking ban,1413,36%257E53%257E2811339,00.html To the Editors: Supporters of a smoking ban abandon principle and ignore science. Just because the public is allowed into a place does not mean the… more »

follow up: FDA Panel recommends against resuming sales of silicone breast implant In yet another step toward a society dominated by fear of lawsuits or bad polls and away from personal responsibility and scientific… more »

15 NYSE specialists to be indicted

re: Prosecutor to Indict 15 Specialists (WSJ, 4/12/05),,SB111331189063804529,00.htm? or To the Editors: As a longtime financial markets… more »

Allow resumption of silicone breast implant sales

re: FDA to reconsider breast implant ban, amid durability questions (USA Today, 4/11/05) To the Editors: The FDA has recently been too influenced by emotion, public opinion, and… more »

Survey about a woman president is likely about a particular woman

re: Shock in Prez survey (NY Post news story, 4/11/05) To the Editors: While survey respondents gave the answer they are “supposed” to give about voting for a woman president, the truth which came out… more »

Bob Beauprez Should Run For Governor

re: A no vote on Bob Beauprez's question (Denver Post editorial, 4/10/05),1413,36~417~2804861,00.html To the Editors: While I understand your concerns about Bob Beauprez leaving DC, I disagree with your conclusion.… more »

Social Security and the National Savings Rate

Re: An Economy On Thin Ice (by Paul Volcker, Washington Post Op/Ed, 4/10/05) To the Editors: Paul Volcker mentions Social Security and our low national savings rate in the same… more »

Market Impact of Personal Social Security Accounts

re: Fears of pumped-up profits are overinflated (USA Today Op/Ed 4/6/05) To the Editors: In addition to the misconception about personal accounts being a major windfall for… more »

A Living Will

A friend sent this to me. I don't know who wrote it but if the author contacts me I'll be happy to give you credit. You might want to bring this to your attorney to use instead of his boilerplate. --------------- LIVING WILL I,… more »

Clearing up public misconceptions about Social Security

PUBLISHED in the Rocky Mountain News 4/13/05,1299,DRMN_38_3694823,00.html re: Why is Social Security rate of return so poor? (Rocky Mountain News, Letter to the Editor, 4/6/05)… more »