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Supreme Court: Creditors can't seize IRAs (or Social Security); Another reason low-income workers should support Social Security Reform

Re: Supreme Court: Creditors Can't Seize IRAs or or http://www.wa… more »

My last piece of the politics of Terri Schiavo (I still think the Republicans hurt themselves)

re: DeLay spokesman rebuffs critical poll (Houston Chronicle, 4/4/05) Nearly 40% of likely voters in sample have a less favorable view of him, survey says. I read and took seriously analysis… more »

Steamboat Springs and maintaining a charming town's character

As I mentioned in my prior 2 postings, I’m on a short vacation, taking my wife and two nephews snowboarding at beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had an interesting conversation while going up a very long lift today and it opened my eyes to some… more »

Terri Schiavo and Political Principle: Republican Errors and their Consequences

Yes, Virginia, there are principles in politics. It’s just that the politicians are ignoring them. When considering a government action, Americans look at more than just its direct effect. We care about the principles involved such as federalism and c… more »

Thanking the mugger (TABOR proposal is clearly a tax hike)

Re: Owens vs. the fuzzy math boys (Denver Post editorial, Bob Ewegen, 3/28/05),1413,36%257E146%257E2782833,00.html To the Editors: Bob Ewegen's claim that the proposal to gut TABOR is not a tax increase does not… more »

TABOR Battle: If Republicans won't stand up for low taxes, who will?

Re: GOP Governors Fight Tax Limits (Washington Post, 3/27/05) To the Editors: Bill Owens had been a minor political hero to many Coloradoans for his role in passing the Taxpayer B… more »

The 35-hour work week: Another French economic idiocy

Re: Liberte, egalite, 35 heures (Chicago Tribune article, 3/26/05),1,6229186.story To the editors: Money, like water, squeezes through any system with holes and finds its own level.… more »

Unenforceable tax law in Massachusetts?

re: Romney scales back tax bill on businesses (Boston Globe article, 3/26/05) Although I applaud the Governor’s scaling back plans for ill-c… more »

Ward Churchill case: Chancellor's Report as much as we could have hoped for

Re: Faculty inquiry up next Chancellor decides allegations merit probe by CU panel (Rocky Mountain News, 3/25/05),1299,DRMN_15_3649895,00.html To the Editors: Chancellor DiStefano is right t… more »

Open letter to Thomas Sowell about the role of the Judiciary

re: Myth of 19 Judges and Ignoring the Will of Congress By Thomas Sowell, March 25, 2005 Dear Mr. Sowell, My name is Ross Kaminsky. I'm a conservative-leaning libertarian and former… more »