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The British explain school choice and the dead hand of government

Thanks to Don Boudreaux for bringing this to my attention. It should be required viewing for American voters, parents, and politicians. [youtube]LLDb2V86Ei0[/youtube] more »

If you think the problems are bad...

The people over at have a great new "demotivator": Government You can get a 24" x 30" poster or a 5" x 7" framed version for your desk... more »

What John Edwards and the Iraq Surge have in common

What do the news stories about John Edwards having an affair and the success of the surge in Iraq have in common? They're both bad news for Democrats so they both go unreported for as long as possible in the mainstream media. It is only now that th… more »

Book Review: The Case Against Barack Obama

David Freddoso's "The Case Against Barack Obama" is a well-researched 240 pages which lays out the case that Barack Obama is anything but the agent of "change" and "reform" which he wants voters to "hope" he is. Freddoso shows that almost every time O… more »

America's intellectual terrorists, Part 2

Of course the ultimate example of the left’s intolerance for anyone who isn’t blindly leftist came from comments to an earlier article. I’m not sure where the comments are, so I’ll paraphrase. The commenter wanted readers of the Gang of Four blog to com… more »

America's intellectual terrorists, Part 1

Until joining the Gang of Four, most of my regular writing was either on my own blog or for the non-partisan site or the overtly conservative site The Gang represents my first regular involvement with a site whose… more »

The Denver Post supports offshore drilling!

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I read the Denver Post's editorial this weekend that they support overturning the ban on offshore drilling. Here is my letter to the Post about their editorial. I am impressed that the Denver Post, a paper which so str… more »

President Bush lifts Executive Order banning offshore drilling

On Monday President Bush lifted the Executive Order blocking offshore drilling, with this statement: "Today I've taken every step within my power to allow offshore exploration of the OCS. This means the only thing standing between the American people… more »

A nation of whiners?

The latest flap in the McCain campaign came last week when Phil Gramm said the US was "a nation of whiners" in a "mental recession". John McCain repudiated the comments, which probably ended Gramm's chances of being McCain's running mate or even Treasur… more »

IndyMac got Schumered

In the late afternoon on Friday, Federal regulators seized the assets and operations of Pasadena, CA-based IndyMac bank after nearly two weeks of depositors withdrawing an average of $100 million per day caused a liquidity crisis for the bank. Althoug… more »