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Sick leave sickness

Yesterday, the Denver Post ran my letter to the editor regarding the likelihood of Denver having a ballot measure which would mandate that companies of more than 10 employees give each employee nine days of paid sick leave each year. I think the… more »

Global warming claptrap

I sent the following letter to the editor of the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper in response to this article about Northern Colorado's higher than average snowpack for June. Your article about Northern Colorado's current snowpack suffers from an… more »
The NY Times ran a letter by me in their Sunday issue in response to a ridiculous article by one of their most ridiculous columnists, David Leonhardt. Leonhardt blamed everyone but the real culprits for the overconsumption of health care services in… more »
In Saturday’s New York Times, Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) co-authored an op-ed in support of cap-and-trade legislation.  Graham is apparently using the fig leaf of adding support for nuclear power to the otherwise… more »
[Update: I was pleased to see that the Grand Junction Sentinel published my letter…] As Ben DeGrow has noted in some detail, the Colorado Policy Institute, although named to sound like an independent think tank, is essentially an arm of Scott… more »
On Saturday, I was privileged to be quoted in a front page story in the Washington Post. However, they (not surprisingly) took my quote out of context, very much changing the intent of my words. You can see for yourself… The Post’s… more »
In yesterday’s New York Times, columnist David Brooks notes that President Obama’s popularity is declining because he’s working with the far-left leadership of Congress to push a far-left agenda.  (Let me put on my big surprise face!) … more »
Florida Governor Charlie Crist has announced his candidacy for the US Senate. He’ll be facing at least one primary challenger, Marco Rubio, the conservative young former Speaker of the House of the Florida legislature. The Miami Herald had an… more »
re “Obama’s liberal arrogance will be his undoing", Jonah Goldberg, LA Times, 4/28/09,0,5623626.column To the Editor: Jonah Goldberg is undoubtedly correct that the… more »
re “Specter’s Departure a Wake Up Call for GOP", Dan Balz, Washington Post, 4/28/09 To the editor: If Arlen Specter’s switch to the… more »

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