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Three cheers for a do-nothing Congress

re "By their resolutions you shall know them", Rocky Mountain News editorial, 8/20/08 The inactivity of the current do-nothing Congress in the last session was… more »

The Denver Post supports offshore drilling!

My jaw nearly hit the floor when I read the Denver Post's editorial this weekend that they support overturning the ban on offshore drilling. Here is my letter to the Post about their editorial. I am impressed that the Denver Post, a paper which so… more »

America at its best? I don't think so.

Here's a letter I wrote to the Economist magazine in response to an article entitled "America at its best" in which they claim that McCain and Obama represent "the most impressive choice America has had for a very long time." Sir: As a political… more »

No surprise Boulder is worried about sales tax receipts

published in the Boulder Daily Camera, 5/16/08: re "Boulder leaders shiver at retail sales-tax decline", Boulder Daily Camera, 5/14/08… more »

Denver Post misses point of Voorhis case

In response to a Denver Post article suggesting that the outcome in the Cory Voorhis case has negative implications for "privacy issues", I wrote this letter to the Post: Felisa Cardona’s article about “privacy issues” uses the same incorrect and… more »

I don't feel sorry for sub-prime losers

Here's a letter I recently sent to the Wall Street Journal regarding the politics and economics of the sub-prime mess: In all the talk from political campaigns about the “sub-prime problems”, two important facts are always neglected. First, any… more »

Denver Post's idiocy about Spitzer and prostitution

Bob Ewegen, the reliably leftist and simple-minded columnist and editor of the Denver Post has written one of his sillier pieces, regarding prostitution laws. The link to his article, entitled "Law that trapped Spitzer was written in a racist fury" is:… more »

Too many people?

Thanks to Paul Chesser for alerting me to this letter A letter in North Carolina's "News & Observer" shows the real anti-human bias of today's "liberals". Here's a link to the letter along with my response to it, a shorter version of which was… more »

Global warming common sense from the Caribbean

Wisdom seems frequently to come from unexpected corners. The following article, by Julian Kenny writing for the Trinidad and Tobago Express, offers refreshing realism about the IPCC and global warming hysteria. see "Global warming mists", Julian… more »

Schaffer and Udall: Perception and Reality

re "Senate race a different story from four years ago" (Boulder Daily Camera, 2/17/08) To the Editor: While there’s no doubt that 2008 will be a difficult year… more »
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