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BBC's economic idiocy

Following is a letter I wrote to the BBC's World Business report after hearing their report on NPR on Thursday night... This evening, on my drive home, I heard World Business Report on the local National Public Radio station. The segment about rich… more »

Obama outraises other candidates

[A shorter version of this posting was submitted as a letter to the editor...] re "Obama Raises at Least $32.5 Million" (AP via Washington Post, 7/1/07) Barack… more »

Anti-Semitic left must not go unchallenged

PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera, 6/21/07 re " Israel, a failed state" (Opinion, Boulder Daily Camera, 6/16/07) Ida… more »

Swimming with scorpions

re "Waffling on an 'earmark' pledge" (Rocky Mountain News editorial, 6/15/07),2777,DRMN_23964_5586484,00.html To the Editor: Your editorial on the Democrats' utter failure to truly reform… more »

Boulder reaches new lows of social engineering

[My letter to the editor which you can see at the end of this note was PUBLISHED in the Boulder Daily Camera on 6/9/07) see "Boulder County looks at limiting house size", Rocky Mountain News, 6/5/07… more »

Biased reporting on US Attorney dismissals

re "Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals" (Washington Post, 5/14/07) By emphasizing Karl Rove’s involvement and using words like “preoccupied” to describe… more »

Fred Thompson is not John McCain

re "Thompson's Politics Much Like McCain's", Washington Post, 5/6/07 To the Editor: Arguing that Fred Thompson and John McCain are very similar… more »

NY Times gets it exactly wrong on taxes and minimum wage

re "A Deal on the Minimum Wage" (NY Times editorial, 4/24/07) To the Editor: Tax cuts do not require “pretexts”. The proper role of government, and particularly the… more »

EPA should let California regulate emissions

PUBLISHED in the LA Times, 4/30/07,0,7267859.story? re "Schwarzenegger administration to sue EPA over air standards" (LA Times, 4/25/07)… more »

Is Obama the next Howard Dean

PUBLISHED in the Washington Times, 4/25/07 re "Polls see Obama gaining as Hillary appears waning" (Washington Times, 4/22/07)… more »
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