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Mickelson Targeted Like Tea Partiers?

Does anyone else thing these stories might be related? Phil Mickelson: High Taxes Discourage Me from Working Harder Investor, Bettor, Golfer: Insider Trading Inquiry Includes Mickelson... And today's news: Golfer Mickelson’s Role Said to Be Overstated… more »

Michael Lewis' Flash Noise

Michael Lewis is one of America’s most successful story-tellers. But in his new book, Flash Boys, a superficial one-sided discussion of “High Frequency Trading” (“HFT”) — and his repeated pronouncements  that the stock market is “rigged” and a “fraud” —… more »

US Markets Yawn at Ukraine (For Now)

On Monday, financial news outlets reported breathlessly on markets’ reactions to the crisis in Ukraine*. The Wall Street Journal said the events “rocked global financial markets.” Television business anchors used words like “roiled” and “tumbling.” But… more »

Looking Ahead

The year 2013 was a remarkable one, with international affairs, American domestic politics, and our economy harmed by the most incompetent and ideological American administration in modern memory — and perhaps in our history. It takes a special man to… more »

Xencor management cheated investors

In my opinion, Xencor management cheated investors (including me) just before going public. more »

Sunday night and gold and silver are crashing

I don't know what it will look like in the morning, but gold and silver are following their massive Friday sell-offs with more massive selling on Sunday evening. Gold is down about $58 from Friday's close as I write this (almost 4%), to $1443. It clo… more »

Advantage Futures (FCM / Futures Clearing firm)

It's rare that I'm happy enough with a company I work with that I think of offering them an endorsement on these pages. As a professional trader, the quality of my clearing firm, perhaps even more in the area of technical support than in the area of cu… more »

Taking Down Taibbi

Matt Taibbi's recent anti-Romney screed published by Rolling Stone magazine entitled "Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital" has been the talk of the left-wing media, from the DailyKos and Huffington Post websites to MSNBC. It… more »

I thought only Bain did that

Google, the omnipresent web search and advertising company, purchased Motorola Mobility (the cell phone division of that venerable electronics company), in May of this year for about $12.5 billion. (The deal was originally announced in August, 2011, but… more »

The Alice in Wonderland Stock Market

As a financial markets trader, it's hard for me lately not to feel that we're living in a Lewis Carroll-inspired stock market. Stock prices often move counter-intuitively, and with large price swings that have the distinct smell of "momentum traders" ra… more »
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