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Just can't defend Goldman in AIG bailout

Over at, Eric Oberg explains why he believes the AIG bailout was “not a gift to Goldman”. I disagree, and I told him so: Dear Eric, As a former CBOE market-maker and dyed-in-the-wool capitalist, I am not some sort of liberal… more »

New GM CEO makes good impression on "Meet the Press"

Fritz Henderson, the acting CEO of GM, spent 15 minutes talking to David Gregory on “Meet the Press” yesterday. (The link contains the show’s transcript.) I was fairly impressed, particularly by answers to two questions. Before I get… more »

AIG: "A Mistake at the beginning"

The media and political furor of the week is the employee bonuses paid by AIG under contracts that existed prior to the government’s effective takeover of the company. And while the President as well as politicians of both parties are fulminating about… more »

Gary Wolfram on Mark-to-Market Accounting

Gary Wolfram, a professor at Hillsdale College, has written another very good article about why mark-to-market accounting rules should be suspended and how they are making our nation’s financial situation worse. It may seem like an arcane… more »

Greenspan can't deflect blame

Last Wednesday, Alan Greenspan wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he tried to deflect blame for the housing bubble from the Federal Reserve. I think he failed completely, as I explain in the following letter I wrote to WSJ editors:… more »

Financial Times: The Future of Capitalism

This page of the Financial Times’ web site looks like it could be quite interesting on a continuing basis…probably worth a bookmark and a regular look: SHARETHIS.addEntry( {… more »

David Theroux on The Obama Bear Market

David Theroux of the Independent Institute has written an article (much as we’re seeing from a myriad of sources) about the stock market’s reaction to Barack Obama’s economic policies. While it’s as much a recap as a source of… more »


The Tennessee Republican Party gets the award for the best bumper sticker of the year. (Here’s the LINK for the mail-in order form, or you can order online HERE.) (Note: I had to narrow the image to get it to fit on my web page, but if you click… more »

Wednesday morning market note

Pre-open, stock index futures are looking to regain what they lost yesterday. It’s hard to imagine that we aren’t at or near an intermediate bottom, even with the disastrous government we’re suffering through. Essentially, the market… more »

Jim Cramer (Democrat) slams Obama's "radical" economic policies

Jim Cramer, one of the loudest Wall Street supporters of Barack Obama prior to the election, may now be one of the first well-known liberals to start saying publicly what many of the rest of us non-liberals have been saying for weeks or months. While… more »